Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

Xender is designed to share files across phones and Computers using Wifi or Hotspot Networks.  Xender can share or transfer files among

1. Phone to Phone, including among cross platform devices like Android phone to  Apple phone and vice versa.

2. Phone to PC, including Windows or Mac or Chromebook

Xender is an ad-supported APP.

On the Homepage, the files on the device  are categorised in to “Apps”, “Camera” (Images taken from Camera), “Gallery” (Images from various sections), “Music”, “Videos”, “Files” (categories like E-Books, Archives, Apks etc.) and “Storage” (Folders). Additionally, from the section “Records”, we can access the list of received and sent files using Xender and delete the records, if desired.

Caution: Since Xender is ad-supported APP, under “Apps”, in addition to the Apps on device, Xender recommend various Apps. Selection of any App will direct us to the Google  play to download the App.

On tapping on “+” available at the right bottom of the App, we can Create a group to share files (Xender supports up to 5 simultaneous transfers to other phones or computers) or Join existing Group. We may also connect to PC (computer using any Operatin System like Windows, Mac etc.) using Hotspot, iPhone or Windows Phone using WIFi network. Computer does not require any program installation to receive files from this App. This feature is very useful to create backup for our data from the device to computer

The Menu available at left top provide the statistics on Files, Data, Number of people with whom we shared the data. It also facilitate to view list of Top 10 shared Apps, Share App via Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, Whatsapp or on Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or using the Scan Code.

From settings, under General section, we can view the storage location for the received files, clear records, set to show hidden files, scan or not to scan folders with .no media file, set to display for pictures less than 50 KB, enable or disable animation effects. Under Connect Phone section, we can set to show system Apps, connection password and enable or disable sound effect, Shake to send, Share Mobile data with group members (by using Mobile Hotspot). Under Connect PC, enable or disable alert while Computer using mobile data.

From the Menu, we can also rate the App.

Overall, in our opinion, Xender is useful to share movies, music, apps with friends and to create a backup on computer. As we can save the data charges and necessity to create a backup of important files, we recommend to try Xender.

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