WPS Office + PDF for Android

WPS office is the new name for Kingsoft Office.

To use this App, Login is mandatory. We can create an account on WPS or do Social Login using Google Account. On the Homepage, the list of files supported by WPS office like word, spreadsheet, PDF etc. are displayed for easy access to the files. With “+” available at the right hand bottom on Homepage, we can create new document, Memo, Presentation or Spreadsheet.

At the top of the Homepage, three options namely search, file tabs and settings are provided. With search option, we can search files on devices on all or on category/format type like DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, TXT or Other. With file tabs option, we can see the tabs of various files opened and access them instantly. From Settings, we can clear our history of file access, secure App with passcode, Change the theme colour from four different colours provided. We can also access member centre for topics to help or question or logout from App. Further, from settings menu, we can rate an App.

Word Documents:

In the document section, we can start with blank document or select the custom template and create a new document. In document, three sections namely” Wrap text”, “Tools” and “Keyboard”. With the use of wrap text, we can wrap text to the display or continue paragraph in single line. With Keyboard option, we can access keyboard to type the text.

Tools are several functions provided in the application. These tools are categorized into Eight Menus namely File, View, Font, Paragraph, Style, Insert, Review and Pen.

Under File, with Save As, we can save file to device in existing folder/in newly created folder or on cloud storage along with encryption if desired. Export as PDF, Share the saved file or screenshot or selected content as text through email or Bluetooth, Encrypt the document with password, Print preview, print document or selected pages or current page or get file information and share feedback with the App developers. In the Print, we can also print multiple pages on one page too.

Under View menu, we can copy, paste, search text, view tables under content, go to specific numbers in the text, count words from word count, rotate layout like portrait or landscape, enable or disable night mode to save power, set volume buttons to flip or set mobile view as default view under view option (in View Menu). With Page setup, we can page size from 13 different sizes like letter, A3, A4 etc. Orientation as Portrait or Landscape, Adjust margins of the Page and change parameters to measure margin in cm/inch.With Page Background, colors of the background can be set to 40 different colors or fill background with picture from files on the device or photos from gallery or image from Camera. With Show Switch Button, we can enable or disable switch button on the screen to switch from keyboard to menu and vice versa.

Under Font menu, we can set the font size, font type like Arial, Calibre etc., make the font Bold, Italic, change text colour, Highlight text, underline with any of the nine different types. With “More Font Options” we can access tools to change script to superscript, subscript, Small Caps (Capital Letters in small size), All Caps (Capital Letters in Big Size), single strike (one line of text) Double strike (two lines of text).

Under Paragraph menu, we can align the paragraph for Right, Left, Centre, Justify alignments. On tapping the Indents & Spacing, ruler with indents will be displayed on screen. We can adjust the start and end of the paragraph indents, adjust the space between lines, paragraphs. With smart typography, we can add or delete empty lines in between paragraphs, Lineup paragraphs. With Multiple spacing, we can set line spacing ranging from 0.25 to 6x of text size or points in exact ranging from 1 to 24. What is points?.With Bullets, we can set Bullets, Numbers and Levels to the text. We options below to this, we can increase, decrease, continue or restart the bullets, numbers or list jn the document.

Under Style menu, 22 predetermined styles like Heading, Subtitle, Emphasis etc. are provided for quick format of the text.

Under Insert menu, we can insert Picture from device, Gallery or Camera, Table with range of 1 to 9 rows and columns with eight predefined styles, Shapes from three different styles. With comments, we can insert comments by creating username. The comments can be inserted as typed text from keyboard or handwriting text. We can also insert blank pages, page breaks, Header and Footer, Page number, Text box, Date & Time, Bookmark, note from Evernote App, Hyperlink for website, Email, Location of the document using URL address.

Under Review menu, we can spell check, count words, see comments and revise the content using the comments in Revise mode. In Revise mode, we can accept all or delete all comments, modify username.

Memo Documents:
All the options/functions available in word document are available in Memo document too. Memo document has one additional option under File Menu i.e., Text encoding. Text encoding facilitates to encode content of Memo using several encoders like UTF – 8, Adobe Standard Encoding, IBM encoding etc. to transfer the content and use it on other programs.

Presentation Documents:

Coming to the Presentation files, at the bottom of the App, three options for Play, Keyboard and Tools are provided. Play will play the slides as video similar to MS powerpoint. By default, presentation document have one slide. We can add the additional slides from the second slide having “+” on it. In presentations, three Menus for the slides namely File, View and Insert and three additional Menus namely Font, Paragraph, Text Box for the contents of the slides are provided.

Slide Menus: The options in the File Menu are similar to the options of Word document. Under View, in addition to the options of word document, we can Rotate Screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa. With Layout, we can select the layout of the slide from 11 different layouts provided. Under Insert, we can insert Text box, Picture from Local files or Gallery or Camera, Audio from device or voice recorder, Videos from device or Camera, Shapes from three different styles, Tables with required number of rows and columns. We can also add different types of charts like Column chart, Bar chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Scatter Chart, Radar Chart along with different layouts (designs) in different colours. We can also add new slide and add notes to the slide.

Slide Content Menus: Options under Font Menu are similar to the options in word document. In paragraph, in addition to the options in word document, text alignment in the text box like top, middle or bottom combined with left, centre or right alignment options, text direction like Horizontal or vertical text direction.

With the “Text Box” menu, we can arrange the textboxes (multiple boxes in same slide overlapping each other, we can change the order of the box Top, Bottom, Forward, Backward and with quick style, we can set predefined styles under default or fill the box or style the box outline weight, colour.

Spreadsheet: In the presentations, three options namely Tools, Keyboard and Sheets tab are provided. In sheets, three spreadsheets are provided by default. If necessary, additional sheets can be added with “+(Add)” in the sheets option. Keyboard option display the keyboard for input. In the spreadsheet special menu as a part of the Keyboard  will appear to facilitate to change keyboard to text or Number pad. From the Number pad, we can insert formulae, Parenthesis, Currency symbol and % in addition to the functions available in normal calculator. The “Tab” button available next to the text bar, will help us to navigate to the columns. To move to the next row, Enter in the keypad can be used.

In Tools menu, all functions are categorized into Seven Menus namely File, View, Format, Cell, Insert, Data and Review. Under File Menu, all options are similar to word document.

Under view menu, Four options namely Copy, Paste, Find, Goto are similar to Word document and Rotate Screen option similar to Presentation document. Four additional options namely Freeze Panes, Filter,Highlight and Hide are provided. With Freeze panes, we can freeze panes upto Top Row, First Column or to the extent of the current cell. With the filter option, we set single or multiple filters on the selected range. We can also customise the filters to display Top  or values Above Average or Below Average or Number filters like Equal to, Not Equal to etc.. or Text filters like Contains, Starting with, Ending with etc. or by Filter by Font Colour, Cell Colour. With Highlight, we can highlight cells the row and column of the current cell. This will help us when we are data the large series of data or data is entered after series of empty cells to check whether we are entering the data in the intended cell or not. With Hide option, we can Hide gridlines, Hide headers (rulers indicating row and number columns) or can view hidden sheets.

Under Format Menu, in addition to the Font effect, type, Size, Alignment, Colour, Highlighter as in word document, two additional options i.e., Number and Table border are provided. With number option, we can increase or decrease number of decimals, insert currency, %, number separator (,). With Table Borders, we can select the borders for the table in different styles from nine defined borders.

Under Cell menu, we can merge two or more cells into one. With Fill option we can fill the current cell with values at left or right or up or down. With drag fill option, we can fill the value of current cell by dragging it towards left, right, top, bottom. With Format painter, we can apply the style/format of the current cell to the selected cells. With the Clear option,we can clear All or Formats or Contents or Comment or Hyperlinks. With Format Cells,we can change the nature of the cell like general, numerical, currency etc.,align the text with indents, control with wrap text or merge cells, change the direction from 0-90 degrees, change the font color, style, effect as superscript or subscript, style with single strike, underline. We can also set borders with color, style (type of border), fill the background, pattern of the cells and lock or hide the cells. Other options are grap text, adjust height or width of the cells, resize to the content or delete cells or rows. With table style option we can set pattern for the tables highlighting header row, total row (bottom row), first column, last column, banded rows and columns.

Under insert menu we can insert a cell, hyperlink, picture, comment, share, textbox, chart as detailed in word document and presentations. Two additional options are function and pivot table. With function we can insert a function like sum, average, if etc. Functions are broadly categorised into 10 categories like financial, math and trigonometry, lookup and reference etc. With pivot table option we can insert pivot table.

Under data menu we can filter autosum validate the data, define name (series of data in various rows or columns can be defined in one name and used in formulae where only cell reference can be given), recalculate the formulae, sort the data.

Under review we can insert a comment as detailed in the word document. We can also protect a sheet or cells from modification or entire workbook with password.

Options at the top of all the documents: At the top of the document option to save the document, redo, undo, file tabs, option to close the document are provided.

PDF Document: For the PDF document two menus namely File and View are provided. In the File menu we can print, share or search the document. Under View we can add Bookmark, rotate screen, view tables in content, enable or disable night mode, view entire document as a thumbnail, view or reading progress of the document.

Overall in our opinion, WPS Office is a must APP for all users who work from their mobiles, tablets. An adfree version with such a numerous functions is rare to find.

PS: This is the lengthiest article that we wrote till date. This is unavoidable because WPS Office contains a numerous functions and thanks for your patient reading.

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