Wonderball Heroes for Android

Wonder ball Heroes is a wonderful game for kids but not restricted. The game is similar to bubble shooter.

The theme of the game is to help white rabbit through various levels of difficulties to reach the wonderland Wonder ball Heroes – first three levels were designed as tutorials/ introduction for the game. The settings are available at top left hand where we can control volume of sound and background music.

Wonder ball Heroes also features to connect with Facebook to post progress of our completion of levels and share with friends. Coming to the game, at different levels, red pegs (balls) will be part of the layout provided for each level. To shoot out red pegs, specific number of balls will be given based on the level that we are playing. To complete the level, all red pegs should be shoot out with given balls. As an additional benefit, a free ball will be given if ball after shooting reaches the pot at the bottom of the screen.

Special features of the game in free version is blue ball and gold bricks. Shooting the blue ball will give special powers like shooting with three balls, multicolored ball which help in shooting of more red pegs and Shooting the gold brick will give more points to our score. With the completion of levels and collection of red pegs, score will be indicated at top of right hand side. When you are able to shoot out red pegs with less number of balls than provided, extra score is given. Based on expertise of your completion of the levels, stars from 1 to 3 is also given.

Through payment,at any point of game, we can access to three features i.e., three balls shoot out at a time, big ball shoot out, balls for long distance shooting. Icons for these features appear at top of the screen. Based on your score and levels, these features may also be provided at free of cost by the game. Coming to music and graphics, they are moderate and will satisfy us. In our opinion, Wonder ball Heroes is a wonderful and simple game to pass the time. This game mostly liked by kids and girls and this game is not for expert or regular gamer.

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