Camera 360 Ultimate for Android

Camera360 Ultimate is designed to provide professional photography editor on android device.

Camera360 is categorized into three sections:

  1. Camera page consisting options to access Camera, Selfie Pro, Album and Profile page under Title  “Me”.

  2. Champions Page (can be accessed from left icon of Camera icon) to view and  participate in challenges

  3. Discover Page (can be accessed from right icon of Camera icon) with options to download camera posters, puzzles, create photo movie, Bestie (selfie upgrade), style pics, record videos, QR Code Scanner.

Camera Page:

In Camera option, we can the picture using Camera icon. Before taking the picture, we can select Theme and Magic Skin theme to enhance our picture. Theme can be changed using “Shuffle” Icon next to Camera Icon and Magic Skin theme from  “Color Bond” icon next to Theme icon. Themes include Auto, Rosy, Hot, Cold etc. and Magic Skin themes include Sweet, Jelly, Sunshine, Elegant etc. Please note that Magic skin themes will vary based on the selected theme. At the left bottom, we can view the recent image. We can zoom in or out with pinch on pinch on preview area.

From the options menu, we can access the following options:

  1. Aspect  Ratio – 1:1 or non 1:1

  2. Focus on specific area of the image. The focus circle can be dragged to the desired area and focus circle can be increased / decreased by pinch with fingers.

  3. Vintage on/off i.e., black shadow across corners.

  4. Self timer ranging from 3 to 10 seconds or disable it.

  5. Flash on or off or Auto

  6. Touch capture on/off to capture pictures on touching the preview area. If Touch option is enabled, Focus option is auto disabled.

From the top of the App, with Home, we can go back to Home. With “Circle” option, we can change camera from rear to front and vice versa.

In Selfie Pro option, we can access themes for selfies and other options as in Camera except sub-themes. In options menu, two additional options available are Face Recognition On/Off,  LED on/off (flash of front camera). On picture capture, we are navigated to Edit Image page.The picture is auto enhanced and provide options to change Magic Skin theme, option to increase/ decrease intensity, option to share on Social Websites or on Communication Apps, option to delete the Picture, With “Magic Wand” icon to enter the Edit Image Page, option save all the changes. With touch on the Image, skin scale will appear and can be adjusted.

In Album option, under “My Album”, we can access the Gallery of pictures captured using Camera360 and other pictures from “Other Albums”. On tapping on any image, we can view full image and options to share on social websites or using communication apps like WhatsApp, Email etc., Option to delete Image, option to access camera and option to Edit Image.

With Edit , in addition to Cancel or Save changes, we can access following options:

  1. Filter option to change Theme or Magic Skin Theme.

  2. Portrait option for face recognition. In case app not able to detect, it seeks help by dragging three points provided to left eye, right eye and nose. Further options after face recognition are

    1. Quick-Fix option to adjust face shape with range between 1 to 9.

    2. Filter to change Magic Skin Theme.

    3. Smooth to adjust clarity

    4. Whiten to adjust the white colour focus on image

    5. Acne to remove spots like pimples on face

    6. Facelift to adjust the pattern of the face

    7. To enlarge the Image (not much difference observed)

    8. Eyebag to remove/adjust eye bags

    9. Nose to adjust the size and pattern of nose

  3. Painting option to draw or erase different shapes on Image. The size of the eraser / pencil can be adjusted as Small, Medium, Big.

  4. Blur option to to Blur image ranging from 1.2 to 3.2

  5. Adjust option to change Layer (to make background as Layer), Definition (to adjust Picture colours), Temperature (to change IMage temparature), Tone (to adjust light/ darkness of the picture), Exposure (to adjust light exposure), contrast, Vibrance (to adjust colours as vibrant), Saturation (to adjust Red, Green, Blue), Highlight (to highlight spots in Picture), Shadow (to create or impart dark area in Picture), Vignette (darkening Picture Corners), Centre Light (to focus light at centre of Picture)

  6. Crop option to crop Picture in Free, 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, 9:16 sizes

  7. Rotate option to rotate picture clockwise, anti clockwise, Left to Right or vice versa, Bottom to Top or Vice Versa.

  8. Color option to adjust various colors on Picture

  9. Texture option to impart texture on Picture

  10. Frame option to design Frame to the Picture

  11. Tint option to impart Pale or slight coloration on shadow, middle, highlight.

In “Me” option, we can Login, Cloud Album, FAQs, submit Feedback or Message to developer. In advanced settings, we can change our Homepage, enable or disable auto enhancement on Selfie (under New Selfie Experience), Grid on Picture, Real-time Preview, Front Lens Auto Mirror, Silent capture, Volume key capture, Date Watermark, Share settings. Under photo settings, we can set manual or auto save mode for General Picture, Selfie Picture, enable or disable fast preview thumbnail at left bottom of camera page, Font size, Photo size, path to save picture, enable or disable to save original picture, recording of photo location.

Champions Page

In Champions page, list of challenges along with list of challengers, number of days left to participate in challenge, Money to be earned by the winner are displayed. On tapping on any challenge, we are  navigated to challenge page. On Navigation page, we can view the number of views, number of days left to participate in competition, description on challenge, Example, Reward details, Remarks, Outstanding works. We can join, vote, share on social websites.

Discover Page:

In Discover page, With Poster Camera, we can download Posters based on the theme or occasion and use it in picture. With Puzzle, we can mix up to 9 pictures in desired layout with desired frame under Template section.

Under Freestyle, we can set images at the desired place on board with drag and drop and resize or rotate the picture with arrow available at the right bottom of the picture. With picstrip, we can view selected images in scrollable style.

With Photo Movie option, we can select picture and enhance or as a classic movie scene with desired text at the bottom of the Picture. Under share option available at top right, we can share the picture on WeChat.

With Video option, we can record video in 720 or 480 pixel.

With other options Bestie, Style your pics, QR Code Scanner, we can download apps from the developer.

Overall, in our opinion, Ultimate360 Camera provide professional photography features in ad-based app. Reasonable ads in this feature rich Photography App is not too annoying. However, to understand several features in Edit section demands knowledge on several photography terms. If you are interested to have professional photography app, we recommend Camera360 Ultimate.

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