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Weather Clock and Widget enable us to track and view forecasts for weather conditions up to 10 places.

Weather Clock and Widget have six divisions:

  1. Weather
  2. My Location
  3. My cities
  4. Map
  5. About
  6. Settings (including widget settings)

Weather: Weather division have four sections which can be accessed from top left menu to view the weather conditions or forecast for the selected cities (up to 10 cities):

  1. 5 day weather forecast: In this section, view details on last update time, temperature, condition of weather, precipitation, pressure, visibility, dew point, sunrise and sunset time, UV Index, Humidity, wind speed along with details of the next five days including the present day.
  2. 10 day weather forecast: This section display the weather forecast with the details of temperature, condition of weather, precipitation, humidity, wind, pressure, UV Index, sunrise and sunset times for next 10 days.
  3. Hourly forecast: This section display hourly forecast of temperature, condition of weather, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, pressure, UV index for next 3 days.
  4. Moon Phase: In this Section, view the moon illumination % for the next 5 days.

From the options at the top right on the weather division, refresh the details if the details are not updated to the latest time, share the weather conditions through communication apps like Whatsapp, Email, Messaging etc., add the places to keep track of weather conditions in your favorite place or where your dear ones live or to keep track of your future tourist place, if preferred delete the places, set the timezone setoff for auto or manual and access Widget Settings.

My Location: View the present location along with latitude and longitude coordinates on google map. If preferred, enable the with satellite view to view the terrain of the place. In this division, From top left menu, access weather option to access weather Menu

My cities: My cities allows to track weather conditions of 10 places. Search the place and add the place to keep track of weather conditions or forecasts. These options are very helpful to keep track of favourite places, places where dear ones live or travelling or your future tourist destination. With tap on any city, access weather menu to view the weather.

Map:  Map enable you to view the temperatures of the various cities on Google map.

About: Allows to view the version of the App to update with latest version. If desired, rate the app and view other apps of the developer.

Settings: Several options on various parameters are provided to Customise the App and widget display.

  1. My Location: Enable or Disable to auto detect location using data, GPS or select location manually
  2. Automatic updates: If budgeted on mobile data, opt automatic updates like weather, place to update details only on wifi. Based on preferences and need set to update details on roaming, update time interval (1 to 48 hours or never), update time frame (start and end time)
  3. Manual Updates: Similar to automatic updates, opt manual updates like updating new version of the App only on wifi. Set preferences for data roaming or to update on startup
  4. Weather provider: Weather Clock and Widget access data from Foreeca and Based on experience and accuracy, choose the source for the weather updates
  5. Units: Set preferred units for temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), Wind Speed (from 5 units) Pressure (from 13 units), Precipitation (mm or in), Visibility unit (miles or kms)
  6. Widget Settings: Select Widget style, Text color, Enable or disable text shadow, text shadow color, Clock date and font, font size. Set preferred Apps for Clock, Calendar, Event calendar. In the widget, enable or disable to show Week Number, Wind Speed, Humidity, Pressure, Refresh date, High or Low temperatures, Feels Like, Local time, Date and Time, Hourly Forecast, Moon Phases, Next Alarm (most useful for muslims in the month of Ramazan), Battery level. If preferred, opt for fixed width and height widget.
  7. Alerts: Enable or Disable Alert, Sound notifier, on Weather conditions like chance of rain, showers, storm, cloudy, dust, fair etc. with preferred sound, enable or disable vibration, location temperature in status bar
  8. Display Settings: Select preferred language (from 39 languages), themes (dark or light), set icon, date format (from 25 formats), enable or disable 24 hours time format, Remove leading zero, animation.
  9. Other Settings: Remove the ads on upgrading with payment of Rs. 202/- and enable or disable to load google maps on mobile connection.

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, Weather Clock & Widget is feature rich android app with several customizations. We thank Christopher for updating us with this awesome App as a comment to our youtube video on 1Weather analysis.

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