Want consult doctors online | Try Lybrate – Consult a Doctor

Lybrate is designed to consult doctors online or seek consultation from our device. This App is for General public. Lybrate – Practice Management will help doctors to help patients on Lybrate.

At present, this App is free of cost and ad-free. Lybrate claim that more than 90,000 doctors enrolled with it to serve the patients all over India.

To use this App, verification of mobile is compulsory using verification code sent by SMS.

Lybrate is designed in four divisions.

  1. Home

  2. Health Feed

  3. My Account

  4. Settings

From the “Bell” icon available at header top right, we can view the notification. From options, we can share, rate the App, view Offers, Redeem Coupon Code, Report Issue to the Developer.


On Homepage, we can view the offers available, Consult Doctor Online either doctor of our choice or doctor available for immediate consultation (useful for Immediate requirements), Book an Appointment to visit Clinic/Hospital and can also view Recommended Health Packages.

On tapping on Consult Doctor of your choice, we are navigated to the specialist page to choose our specialist requirement like Ayurveda, Cardiologist, Dentist etc. On selection of the desired, specialty, we can view the Doctors (Experts) and Packages in relation to that speciality. The doctor details encapsulates the name of the doctor, specialized degrees, place of work, years of experience, the number of people who took the help of that doctor, the amount of Consultation charges. With “Filter” icon available on top right, we can remove/ modify the filter of specialty.

On tapping on the preferred doctor listing, we can provide brief on the consultation requirement, Attach Images/ Documents, Basic details like Gender, Occupation, Age, Address and proceed to seek consultation.

As a part of consultation, we can seek consultation in 3 modes depending on the type of consultations offered by the experts (doctors) – 1.Text Message 2.Audio Call 3.Video Call.

Book an Appointment under Visit Clinic can be used to Book an appointment and visit the Clinic/Hospital.

Health Feed:

On HealthFeed Page, we can view the list of articles posted by experts or the questions and answer shared by the users in relation to our health. Each article or query encapsulates the name of the doctor, specialization, date of article or query, number of Thanks (similar to likes on Facebook), options to save the article or query to account, thank, consult the doctor, share the article or query using Communication Apps like Whatsapp, Email, Messaging etc.

With filter available at the bottom right  of the HealthFeed page, we can search for topics, view contents on various categories, opt to follow desired topics. Using option available at the bottom, we can share App on WhatsApp.
On tapping on desired article or query, we can view the query and detailed reply, number of doctors answered, number of doctors agreed, number of Thanks, options to thank, rate, consult the doctor.

We can ask questions for free and get answers from doctors.

My Account:

On My Account page, we can view or edit personal details like City, date of Birth, Blood Group, Blood Sugar. we can view history of consultations, answers to our queries, History of Appointments, saved tips/topics, health files like Treatments, Prescriptions, other documents.


On Settings page, we can redeem Coupon code, if we have any.

On tapping on Manage Emergencies, we are navigated to Emergency page where we can call or SMS emergency contacts or SMS Family doctors, Find Ambulance. From the settings option, we can set the emergency contacts, preferred doctors, enable or disable Emergency power button, change the number of times that we have to press power button ranging from 2 to 5 to enable the emergency procedures by the App.

In addition, we can enable or disable Notification Sound, Rate the App, Invite Family or Friends, Suggest the App to our doctor using Communication Apps, Signout from the App.

Overall, in our opinion, Lybrate is must app for all to seek medical help in Emergencies or when necessary where no near by doctors are not available or to seek opinions from doctors on health related queries.

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