Walnut: Track + Split Expenses for Android

Walnut is designed to analyze the SMS Inbox on our device and track all expenses on several categories like debit cards, credit cards, phone bills, movie tickets etc. This App is only for Indian Mobile Users

Background: In India, Business SMS use Unique Alpha Tags (Desired Sender ID up to 11 Characters like VK-HDFCBK by HDFC Bank, AM-citibk by  Citi Bank etc.). This App will analyze the SMS using Alpha tags and identify the Sender, Amount Spent, Available Balance from the Alpha Tags and Text of SMS.

At present, Walnut: Track + Split Expenses is able to identify over 36 popular businesses including Banks, IRCTC, Taxis Apps, Entertainment Apps etc.

On Homepage, graph on spending amount for the last six months, Latest Spends, Bills, Accounts like Bank, Credit card etc. are displayed for quick review. In Accounts sections, we may opt to view spent amount or available Balance as desired by us.

From “+” available at the bottom right of the App, we can add

  1. Account – Person or Business Account

  2. Add Bill Reminder for ECS, Insurance, Maintenance etc.

  3. Add split group from contacts to split expenses. We can add group after mobile number updation and verification.

  4. Input any cash payment with option to enable the input as expenditure or not, details of items purchased, amount paid, category of payment.

From the Menu available at top left, Under Option “Overview”, we can access

  • Summary – summary of all Expenses for the current month (available on Homepage)
  • Spends – List of transactions for the current month
  • Bills & Events – List of Bills and Due Date, List of Events
  • Stats & Map – Stats on Due amount and Location based on SMS data
  • Offers – Offers received via SMS from various merchants

Under Option “Groups”, we can access the Groups to split expenses. Under “Accounts”, we can access various Bank accounts, Cash Payments. Under “Biz Messages”, we can access general messages received from Merchants.

From options available at the bottom of the Menu, under Settings, we can enable or disable Instant Alerts (for Notifications), Set Spend Limit, Summary (Daily or Weekly or Disable), Summary Time, Number of days to remind before due date. We can manage Accounts, Link Accounts, Create/Delete Category, Tags. We can Backup & Restore, Rate Walnut, Re-scan the data. We can also read FAQs, Share the App using Communication Apps like Whatsapp, Email etc., Request Email support, Follow the Developer on Facebook, Google+.

With additional options on the top of the page, we can access the details for desired Month, Search for Spends, Tags, Notes, Events, SMS and access Introduction slide show on the App.

The user interface of the Walnut is very intuitive combined with simplicity. Easy Navigation and required customization while encourage us to use this App. At present, this App is ad-free and available for free of cost and bringing back the dead SMS alive using it to track expenses.

Overall, in our opinion, Walnut: Track + Split Expenses is recommended for home managers to manage household expenses and keep track of expenses on various categories.

PS: Please note that some XIAOMI users may need to add Walnut to device Auto start list by navigating to “Settings->Security->Permissions->Auto start”, scrolling down and selecting ‘Walnut’

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