Video Editor by Web Video for Android

Video Editor is developed to create videos by using the content on our device or on Google Drive.The easy user interface and the minimal cost for premium version may enhance number of users to use Video Editor.

The Video Editor facilitates for the login. However, it is not mandatory and you can try Video Editor as a guest. If we wish for login we can create an account with WeVideo or do a social login through Google or Facebook.

Video Editor is basically categorized into two categories

1. Edit category- where we can create our Videos

2. Videos- where we can access our saved Videos.

In the edit category, 5 sections are provided to develop our videos.

1. + button – We can add our desired photos, Videos.

2. Theme section- In free version,Video Editor provided 4 different themes. Every theme is unique and has its own appeal. To access more themes premium version is necessary.

3. Audio section- By default Video Editor attach in-built audio for our Videos. However we can add our own audio based on our Videos objective and theme.

4. Audio recording- To personalize our Videos, we can record and attach our own voice. While recording the audio, Video Editor facilitates to view the video which will enable us to tune our voice accordingly.

5. Publish- We can save our developed videos to our device or post them on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and more.

Video Editor facilitates to name your Video. By default the running length time of each photo is 6 seconds. If you wish, you can change the running length time in the tab appears while touched on the specific photo. If we wish to change default running length time, we can do it in settings page. By default the running length time of the Video is its running time.Video Editor facilitates to trim your Video and reduce the length time and focus on highlights.

The easy user interface of Video Editor facilitates to change the sequence of the photos or Video simply by drag and drop. The right swipe on the specific photo or Video will delete it. Before publishing the Video, the Video can be viewed by simple touch at the top of the screen where we can find the play button. This will enable us to make any necessary changes before finalizing the Video. During our review, a bug is observed to save the Video to our device. This hiders the usage of this APP. To publish Video on social sites requires premium version. The premium version costs you Rs.10/- per day or Rs.300/- per year.

In our opinion, the easy user interface and simplicity for developing the Video make it worth to try. Based on the need, in view of the low cost,premium version may be purchased.

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