Twilight for best healthy sleep

Background Science: Natural rhythm of the sleep is called as circadian. A hormone Melatonin control healthy circadian. Production of Melatonin is decreased when Melanopsin (photoreceptor in human eyes) is exposed to narrow band of blue light in 460-480 nm. Studies shown that person reading on tablets, mobiles during night time for two hours will reduce one hour sleep.

Review: In this background, Twilight APP is being reviewed.

Twilight is designed to reduce the red light emission  from smartphone or tablet and ensure the healthy sleep.

On Homepage, view preview and understand the philosophy for developing the Twilight.

Adjust color temperature (1000k – 5000k) -relaxing to energizing, intensity (1-100%), screen dim (0 -75%). Please note the less values in these three options are much preferred to the higher values.

Apply filter times like always (24 hours), sun (sunset – sunrise)  alarm (with the help of sleep as androidAPP), custom (select preferred time from scale).

Sunrise and sunset in the identified   location are obtained from internet and displayed on screen.
If desired, opt to add a new profile to activate or deactivate twilight on preferred days at preferred time.

More Settings: In More Settings, Exclude apps from filtering, let twilight control backlight, use smart bulbs to enable twilight based on  sunset filters or dim brightness. Hide notifications, enable to show settings in notification bar to pause or start twilight. Opt to start at boot time, enable full screen for twilight.

In pro version, can set sunset off(delay), sunrise off and transition time to activate or deactivate twilight.

Other options: Share the APP using Communication APPs like WhatsApp, Email etc., Rate the APP, Donate to the developer.

Overall, in our opinion, twilight is developed on research and science. The concept is very new. In the light of daily usage of smartphones, devices, twilight is must have APP for healthy sleep and healthy life.

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