Trello for Android

Trello is designed as a simple and flexible collaborative tool to organise the list of activities to get done in the form of boards, lists and cards weather it may be organising the team or writing a book or tasks to be done in our daily life.

Trello can be used on our device or Android wear and sync the data across devices. For this purpose, an account is to be created with Trello or login using Google account.

On the homepage,  list of boards are displayed. By tapping “+”, we can create a new board with the desired name. With search in header, we can search for boards from the list. With an bell icon, we can view notifications, if any. With options available at top right, we can search for cards by Board or Date, seek to view nearby Boards. Under settings, we can enable or disable Notifications, Ringtones, Vibrations, Card default board, Logout from account.

In each board, by default, the cards are categorised into 3 lists namely To Do, Doing and Done. If desired, we can add new list from “Add List” option or rename the existing list by tapping on their name.

From the options menu available at top right side of List, we can move list from board to other board, copy, archive list, move or archive all cards in the list, subscribe or unsubscribe to the list. Trello also facilitate drag or drop facility to archive lists.

From the option “Add Card”, we can add cards to the list. By typing on the card, we can access the card page. From the card page, we can add or edit the description of the card, edit or delete the comments and view or hide the activities carried out on the card. By tapping on “+” in the Card page, we can create or edit the label (assignment of colour code for easy identification), add or delete members for the card, add or edit the due date, add the checklist of tasks and verify the completion, attach photo or file from device or google drive. From the options menu available at the top of the right hand side, the card link can be shared using communication apps like WhatsApp, Email, Messaging etc., move, copy, archive, delete card, subscribe or unsubscribe to the card.

From the options menu available at top right hand side of Board, we can add or remove the user to access the list of cards including achieved cards, achieved list and to view the details of the activity on the board. We can share the Board link using communication apps or using ultrasonic audio codes using mic of the devices or Bluetooth/Wifi of the device. We can star or unstar the board too.

Overall, in our opinion, Trello is designed as three level tasklist i.e., Board, List, Card which is highly relevant for Business or Managerial level employees of the Corporates. Trello is definitely worth to try and eligible for Editors choice on Google Play.

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