Todoist: To-Do List, Task List for Android

Todoist is very useful those who plan their days in organised way or want to set reminders/alarms (with premium account) for the tasks to be carried out on day to day.

Todoist will showcase a list of your appointments for day and subsequent seven days. You can create your own projects/activities of your choice like Personal, Shopping, Work etc. and assign your list at various levels say at most important, important etc. and also as Main tasks, Sub-tasks etc. and on the basis of priority.

As an additional feature, you can also keep track of activities assigned to others under filters It also provides feature of synchronizing our Todoist across various devices. However, for the creating Labels and filters, assigning alarm for tasks for your list, you have to upgrade to premium version by shelling out Rs. 1,750 per year. Todoist also feature to set your own target to complete your tasks under “”Karma”” and help in analysing yourself in completing tasks.

Finally, our opinion is except synchronising your tasks across various devices, nothing much is being offered from this APP when compared with other similar APPs. In our opinion premium membership may not be worthwhile except if you are engaged in sales and marking jobs/works.

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