Toca Kitchen 2 for Android

Toca kitchen is developed as a lab for your kitchen experiments and test them on the Invitees in the App. In Toca kitchen 2, new ingredients and new appliances are added to cook more efficiently.

On opening the Homepage, four options are available:

1. To continue to the Kitchen.

2. For Parents

3. Settings

4. More Apps of developer

To access the sections available on Homepage, except to continue to the Kitchen and More Apps, we have to swipe with two fingers. For Parents section, swipe right. For Settings section, swipe up. For More Apps section, swipe down. In Parents section, brief on the App  and its purpose and introduction to online store.

In the Settings, we can enable or disable Music, For Parents section, Vegetarian kitchen or to include no veg too.

On tapping Continue to play, we can access the list of guests to invite to our kitchen. Option  to invite man or woman or kid is available. On this page, an option to return to Homepage is available at left hand top side.
Once guest is invited,we can proceed to our kitchen to cook our special dishes for the guest. While guest is seated on the table, we pick cooking items like chicken, carrots, tomatoes etc. can be picked from refrigerator available at the left to the guest. While taking the items, by the expression of guest, it can be understood that whether guest likes them or not.

Once we are done with taking necessary items, we can cook the items using appliances available at right hand side of the guest. Six Appliances include Knife, Boiler, Juicer, Grill pan, Oven, Fryer.

At the bottom of the kitchen page, on tapping on the salt and pepper icon available at right hand bottom, we can access four plates to keep our cooking items and to access salt and pepper, lemon, four different sauces to use in our cooking.

We can cook dishes using the items from refrigerator, appliances and additional items available at bottom of the kitchen and serve to the guest.

The guests, on tasting our dishes express their like or dislike in various expressions.

From reading the basic info on the google play Toca kitchen page, it is understood that Toca kitchen developer want users to try new techniques and being creative in cooking and test them our guests and identify the result (success or failure) from the expressions of our guests.

Coming to the graphics of the App and user interface, graphics are good and expressions of the guests are awesome (while testing this App, we bursted out to laugh on expression of our guest, specially kid – we enjoyed alot).

In our opinion, Toca Kitchen 2 is best adfree app to test your cooking experiments and enjoy the results of them.

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