Telegram for Android

Telegram is a well designed communication APP in lines of Whatsapp messenger with more options than Whatsapp for free of cost and ad-free except voice calling.

The Telegram APP works on cloud based platform i.e, the messages will be sent from the sender to the Telegram server and sent to the receiver (similar to whatsapp). Telegram is also available for Android, Iphone, Windows phone, Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Web Version.

This facilitates the synchronization and access the account from any device.

To use this APP our telephone number need to be verified. The verification will be carried out by Telegram by sending verification code through SMS or through voice call.

On completion of the verification, we are navigated to the home page.

With the search option at the top right we can search for the contacts. With option at the bottom right we can create a new group (with maximum of 199 members in a group against 100 members in whatsapp), initiating new secret chat or creating new channel to broadcast your messages. The secret chat option will enable end-to-end encryption, self destruct timer (can be set time from 1 second to 1 week from “set self-destruct timer” option available in menu at top right of secret chat conversation area), disable forwarding messages and disable message trails on Telegram server.

With channel option we can create either public channel or private channel. Public channel can be viewed from the Telegram website using the link assigned (**********  – * is link assigned by us). In case of private channel we can invite the people to join our channel by sending an invitation link. With options available at top right on Channels Page, we can view channel info, search for content, we can mute (1 hour to 2 days compared to 8 hours to 1 year in Whatsapp) or disable notifications. Under Channel Info, we can view the shared media, number of members, administrators and set notifications and sounds. Under Notifications and Sounds, we can change settings for notifications, vibrations, sound, priority, LED color, smart notifications (number of times – 1 to 10 with in number of minutes – 1 to 10).

On the chat page, from the option available at right top, we can search for text, clear history or delete chat, mute notifications (1 hour to 2 days compared to no mute option in Whatsapp) or disable mute notifications.

From the contacts, we can access the list of persons using Telegram APP. From invite friends we can invite the friends using communication Apps like Whatsapp, Gmail, messaging etc.

From settings, with camera option available at top right we can change our profile picture. Under Info, we can change our mobile number, create or change user name. Under user settings, we can change settings for notifications and sounds, privacy and security, chat background, language (from 9 languages), enable or disable animations. Under automatic media download, we can change settings to download file types (photo, audio, video and file) using mobile data, wifi, while roaming and whether to save files to the gallery or not. Under messages, we can change the size of the text ranging from 12-30. View stickers, change cache settings enable or disable to send a message by tapping on “Enter”. Under support, we can ask questions, view Telegram FAQs.

Options in user settings (under App Settings available at Menu):

  1. If notification service is activated in notifications and sounds option, we can enable or disable notifications of alert, message preview, change colour of notification LED light, set settings for vibration, popup notifications, priority and change the notification ringtone (for individual conversations as well as group conversations). Under In-app notifications, we can enable or disable sounds, vibration, preview, chat sounds, priority in relation to In-app. Under events, we can set to receive an alert when any of our contacts joined the Telegram. We can enable or disable Badge counter, set time ranging from 5 minutes to 4 hours or set to off. Under reset, we can reset all notifications to default.

  1. In privacy and security we can view or add or delete blocked users, change the setting on who can view our last seen timestamp, set security passcode lock (up to two step verification), set account self destruction time ranging from 1 month to 1 year.

  1. In Chat background, we can set background from the pre-set backgrounds provided in the APP or our own background from Gallery or by taking picture from Camera.

Coming to the chat, we can send or receive text messages, voice message by recording or Audio files on device, attach Images, Video from Camera or Gallery, Contact, Location and any other file like ZIP, DOC etc. available on our device. In similarity with Whatsapp, several smileys, stickers, emoticons are available for chat.

Overall in our opinion, Telegram offers best services than Whatsapp at free of cost and ad-free. Hence, it is best worthy app to try. But be cautious in sending privy information like passwords as all the information will be passed through Telegram Server.

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