tawkon | track phone radiation for Android

Tawkon is designed to alert users on emission of high radiation by mobile phones and suggest appropriate changes to reduce it. Tawkon measures the exposure based on the International Specific Absorption Rate


For communication with mobile towers, mobile phones use electromagnetic waves in non-ionized microwave range (400-2100 MHz). These non-ionized microwaves produce heating i.e., our phones get heated on long call duration, continuous data usage etc. This heat can be absorbed by human body. The recent  studies disclosed that this radiation effects the brain cells while speaking over phone placing near ear.

Bug in Login resulting in non-working of two divisions in AppThe Specific Absorption Rate is norms on level of absorption permitted by various governments for their country.

The radiation from mobiles will be very high when it work hard for signal in low signal areas and on continuous usage of signals.

In this background, tawkon is being reviewed.


tawkon is designed to work on background. It will auto start on making or receiving the call and closes on completion of the call. It records the duration of the call and emissions of the electromagnetic waves and alert the user on exceeding the norms of radiation and suggest changes to reduce them.

On opening the tawkon, introduction will help us to understand how the App works. Tawkon seeks for Signup with email or Facebook. However, if desired, we can skip and proceed to the Homepage of the tawkon. Please note that Login is necessary to invite or to track radiation exposures of family or friends.

The Homepage is segregated into three divisions i.e., me, family and friends.

In “me” division, we can view the number of minutes of talktime, low exposure minutes, high exposure minutes for self phone calls. We can also view the minutes in three modes of speaking i.e, phone, headset, speaker. The “i” shows the suggestions to convert high exposure to low exposure on alerts.

In “family” & “friends” divisions, with “+” sign, we can invite (login is required) family & friends. We can also view talk time of family or friends for week, saved minutes from high exposure, family member name, talk time, minutes exposed to Radiation.

From options available at top right, with share we can share the App with friends through Mail, Messaging and on social websites Facebook, twitter. With settings, we can enable or disable pre-call warning, alert indicator (Sound + Vibrate, Sound, Vibrate), subscribe for weekly report, view/modify profile.

The issue observed in tawkon is Login error, at present, we are not able to login with Facebook or create an account with tawkon. Hence, the addition of members in Family or Friends division is not possible.

Overall, in our opinion, the concept of App is new and advisable to try this App for self. Using this App as parental control to view children exposure to radiation as bug in the App to Login.

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