Swinging Stupendo game for Android

“Swinging Stupendo is a game for regular or expert gamer. Beginners or average gamer find it very difficult to play.

To review this game, three members of our team played this game, Beginner who is playing game for the first time played approximately 1200 times and his best score is only 365. The gamer who is not regular and play games once in a while has scored 500 in 800 times and expert gamer scored 840 in just 10 games.

Coming to the game, Stupendo is a character who likes to swing with rope between electrical poles. Our target is to make him to reach the end of the game by controlling rope that he uses to swing and not touch the electrical poles. Touching any electrical pole will end the game.

There are two modes in the game: 1. Daily Challenge- In this mode, the pattern of arranging poles will change once in a day. 2. Random Mode – In this mode, the pattern of arranging poles will change every time we start a new game. Of these two modes, Daily Challenge is little bit easy when compared to Random mode. The pattern of arranging poles varies widely and poles are placed very near to each other which make us feel the game as difficult. The Daily challenge can be played with devising a strategy and execution of the same without any errors. Beginner player has played 1200 games in approximately 4 hours. With this, we can figure out,how much that beginners can play this game without ending it. Most of the times, beginners will end the game in less than 30 seconds. This is one point of view.

From the other point of view we can see the Daily Challenge mode in the game as a chance to increase our abilities to plan and execute without any errors.Random mode as increase in the ability to adopt to the changes.I do not know whether this is thought by developer or not. From our perspective only two types of people who will retain this game for longer and play it. Those are one, who want to achieve the new challenges and two, who are expert gamer. Mediocre people will not like this game much and uninstall it from their device.

Coming to the graphics of the game, they are moderate. The background music is inspiring. Navigation is simple. Swinging Stupendo facilitates to share your score on Facebook, twitter. At the starting of the game, it indicates the number of our attempt/performance. At the end of each game,Swinging Stupendo facilitates comparison our score of the present game with our best score.

In our opinion, everybody should try this game. This game definitely test your patience.

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