SwiftKey Keyboard for Android | Best Use Series

On opening the App for the first time, we have to enable swift keyboard for the inputs and personalize for backup and sync facilities across devices. We can sign with Google account. SwiftKey use English (US) as default language. However, we have an option to download any language from over 100 languages offered by Swiftkey from language section and choose it as a default language. These 100 languages include hybrid languages like Hinglish, Regional languages like Telugu, Hindi etc.

Swiftkey offers 17 free themes to make keyboard to look more beautiful. More  themes  be claimed using promo code. Procedure to get promo code is provided on SwiftKey website. The link available in the pop up of promocode will navigate us to this specific webpage.

Coming to the Homepage of SwiftKey, It is divided into 5 sections:

1. languages – We can download and set the desired language as default language

2. Themes – We can select our desired themes from 15 free themes and claim premium themes using promocode

3. Typing – It is further divided into five sections namely keys, typing & auto correction, voice and other input, sound & vibration

4. Account – we can personalize and teach our writing habits from the emails and the social network contents. It also helps to backup and sync our default language across the devices.

In addition to the above, statistics on typing heat map, taps saved, words predicted, words completed, words flowed etc.

In languages, desired layout from 7 layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, QWERTY, Colemak, Dvorak canbe selected. Further, multiple language keyboards can be opted. The keyboards can be changed with swipe to right/left on space bar.

In themes, in addition to the desired theme, by tapping on the “Explore”, desired themes or packs, if any can be selected to make keyboard more beautiful.

In typing, under keys we can set the settings for Arrow keys, Emoji access, Number pad, Accented characters, Number rows and duration of the long press. Under typing and autocorrect, we can set settings for emoji predictions, auto insert prediction, quick period, auto capitalise. In this section, we can also clear data on the device. Under voice and other input, we can activate voice input or physical keyboard. Under sound and vibration, we can set key press sound, keypress vibration and its duration or enable Android default vibration settings. Under typing tips, we can learn more about typing tips.

At any point of time, we can change the keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon available at the right bottom of the APP.

Coming to the keyboard, several Smiley’s, caricatures, cliparts are provided which help better and creative communication through communication APPs. With long tap on the speaker on the keyboard, we can activate Google voice to convert speech into text. The numbers pad is provided similar to the desktop keyboard which comfort many of us in using number pad.

In our opinion, Swiftkey keyboard is worth to try.

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