SlidePlus:Photos video maker for Android

SlidePlus is designed as simple and easy tool to design videos using Images with preset themes. Themes are built with preset animations, music, subtitles. However, we can change the music , subtitles.

On Homepage, with  “+” available at right bottom, new slideshow can be created with the images (minimum 5 and maximum 20). On tapping on “+” we are navigated to All Images for selection of Images. With tapping on “All Images”, we can access Facebook Album, Instagram album to add images in the slide show.

On selection of the desired  images, preview can be viewed in predefined themes with animations, subtitles, music. To modify the default slideshow, if desired, four sections namely Theme, Edit, Music, Subtitle are provided.

Under themes, desired theme from the various available schemes can be applied. Additional themes may also be downloaded.

Under Edit, focus on any or all images can be modified.

Under Music, option enable or disable background music (Music icon at right bottom), option to select the desired song from System (App) or Local (Music available on device), option to fadeout (remove) music to specified time are available.

Under Subtitle, text in the subtitles can be modified. Please note that in few themes, no subtitles are available. In such themes, there is no facility to insert subtitles.

Three options are provided at top of the preview page. With “Image+” option, additional images can be added. With “Share” option, slideshow may be posted on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Instagram or using Communication Apps like Email, WhatsApp, Line etc. With “Options”, slideshow may be saved to Gallery or as Draft.

From the “Menu” available at top left, Instagram Album, Facebook Album can be accessed, follow developer on Instagram, Facebook, rate the App or provide feedback to the developer.

Overall, in our opinion, SlidePlus is designed to make simple slideshow to share it on Social Network websites or through Communication Apps. SlidePlus is not for professionals. If you like to make quick slideshow with your travel or function or family Images, you can try SlidePlus.

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