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PIP Camera – Photo Editor Pro is designed as powerful and fun tool to edit photos and make them creative. We previously reviewed an App – PIP Camera for Android, this APP is different from that App.

On Homepage, four functions namely Classic, Magazine, Collage, Pro Edit are made available to edit the photos. With Settings option available at top right, we can provide feedback, view version, modify storage path for photos after edit, check for updates, select Facebook Adchoices

On selection of classic function, we can opt to capture photo using Camera or select image from Gallery to continue with editing photo. In classic function, we can insert image in the transparent objects like bottle, water drop, music disc, Glass etc. On placing the image in any object, background image is auto blurred. We can scroll the image in object right or left or top or bottom to place the image properly in the object. With the option available to  at right top to the object effects, we can replace the photo in  foreground image (image placed in object), background image (image at background to the transparent object) or cancel effect. If desired to continue, we can tap on “next” available at right top and proceed to Effect Page for more effects on the image. In Effect page, we can apply color filters like Fantasy, Beauty, Pole, Violent, Sweet etc. to foreground or background or both images. On completion of the effects, we can tap on “Save” to save the Image and proceed to “Share” page. On share page, if desired, we can share images on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or using communication apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Messaging, Email etc.

On selection of Magazine option, we can select Magazine page with 1 or 2 or 3 frames (images). On selection of the Frame, we are navigated to Album (Gallery) for selection of the Images. On selection of the images based on our Magazine page, we can preview the page. If the selected images are more than one, we can hold image and change position. We can also tap on image and apply color filters and scroll the image to adjust the view.  In preview page, With the option available at bottom, we change the magazine page and preview the new magazine page. On completion of designing magazine page with desired effects, we can tap on “Save” to save the magazine page and proceed to “Share” page. Please note, few magazine pages require FotoRus App.

In Collage function, we can collate up to 10 images in different layouts. On selection of the function, we are navigated to Album (Gallery) for selection of Images. On selection of images, we are navigated to Grid page. The Grid page has three effects:

  1. Styles – square or rectangle styles for image layouts

  2. Effects – Enable or disable shadow, outline and increase or decrease width of the outline and radius of the corners of the Image.

  3. Background – Set the pattern of outline.

On completion of collation with desired effects, we can tap on “Save” to save the magazine page and proceed to “Share” page.

Pro Edit:
On selection of Pro Edit, we are navigated to Album (Gallery) for selection of the Image. On selection of the Image, we are navigated to Edit Page. In Edit page, we can apply

  1. Color filters with adjustment of colors,

  2. Add stickers from Stickers Lab. In Stickers Lab, stickers are categorized into different categories like Hot, Decoration, Emotion etc. to download and downloaded stickers are available in Local category.

  3. Insert text using Text Box. Text Box can be moved to desired place with touch on it. It can be rotated or increase/decrease in size using circle available at right bottom. Text Box option have three sections. From Keyboard, we can insert text. From Font, we can select desired font. From Fill and Format, we change style outline and shadow of the text, insert pattern or color to text, set stroke or shadow colors, width. With “+”, we can add new Text Box.

  4. In Edit, we can crop the image in free or specified sizes, rotate left, right, flip horizontal or vertical, rotate diagonally with zoom in and out.

  5. Draw Mosaic on Image in the desired style or erase using eraser. Size of the drawing pencil and eraser can be selected in four different sizes

  6. In Adjust, we can adjust RGB color levels, White and Black color levels, contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadow, Highlight (brightness),  temperature.

  7. In stretch, we can increase the horizontal size of the desired part of the image. The part of the image can be changed by moving the arrows on image.

On completion of editing with desired effects, we can tap on “Save” to save the edited Image and proceed to “Share” page.

In addition to the above four functions, advertisement in relation to two more apps are being displayed to download them from Google Play.

Overall, in our opinion, PIP Camera – Photo Editor Pro is designed as simple and powerful tool with all basic functions to edit Images. We recommend this App to try.

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