Shazam – Listen to your favorite music

Shazam is a music recogniser from playing music. Accuracy in recognition of music track never disappoint you.

Using the Shazam icon in the app, allow the app to hear the playing music. On recognition of the music track, Shazam provides information in the track, options to play or video on the track. You can also share the track on WhatsApp, Email or through any Communication App

Recognition can be set either to manual or auto. Manual search offer more comfort to search when Shazam does not work. Save all your favourite music tracks or videos in My Shazam. Share your tracks with your friends on Shazam.

Explore the trending music tracks under various categories from the section “Charts”. Follow your favourite stars to keep yourself with all of their music, concerts. You can also like, share your favourite stars music.

One tap recognition of music irrespective of languages like english, hindi, french, spanish, telugu, tamil and several other languages and its accuracy in recognizing the music makes it unique.

Shazam notifications and location based suggestions are added advantage. Now we can say Bye.. Bye.. to google search for music and use Shazam for music search.

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