SHAREit – Connect & Transfer

SHAREit is used to share any kind of files using WiFi /Hotspot networks.

SHAREit does not use mobile data or WiFi data. The range of data sharing is limited to our WiFi Hotspot range.

On the Homepage, number of images, Apps and music files for quick reference Additionally,  Send/Receive Button and by tapping on the “me” we can access our account details Transfer History,  Messages and Settings. By tapping on ⟱ under the files menu,  we can access Connect to PC and Clone it features. With the feature “Connect to PC” we can transfer/ receive files from your PC.  With the feature “Clone It”,  we can transfer all files one phone to another phone. This function is very useful when we are changing phone. By tapping on any file type, we can navigate to file browser.

In the file browser, all files on the device are classified in five categories namely Files, Apps, Photos, Music and Videos. Under files two filters based on the format of the document like zip, EBook, documents and path filter like internal storage, SD card. Under APPs files are classified as APPs, Widgets and others. Under photos by default all photos are displayed from the latest date to old. If desired, we can shift the view to category of photos. Under misics four views like track, album, category and artist. Under vedios the category of videos can be accessed. From the file browser we can select any desired file and share it with your friends.

The one more option included is Junk Clean but it requires to download another App.

In settings,  we can set storage location for received files,  clean caches, protection mode to prevent others to use network (since mobile Hotspot is activated to transfer files and is not secured by passwords,  this option really helps) in General settings. Under Advanced settings, we can set preferred mode of connection,  either WiFi network or Hotspot network (WiFi network mode faster),  to display hidden files,  Faster transfer of files,  enable/disable WiFi Direct service.

At the top of the Homepage, we can invite friends to download this APP from the option at top left hand side and menu with four options “Connect to PC”,  “Clone it”, “Webshare” and “Clean it”. Webshare is the browser based exchange of files using provided IP address or scanning the  barcode. Feature “Clean it” require CLEANit APP to clean the junk from the device.

In our opinion, SHAREit is definite to have in our device. SHAREit helps to avoid connecting to PC using cables,share files in fast and avoid to incur huge charges.

PS: My friends are using SHAREit to share movies.

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