Runtastic Running & Fitness for Android

Runtastic Running & Fitness is a companion for our fitness activities. Runtastic Running & Fitness can track 61 different activities like Running, Walking etc. In case any of our activity is not falling under these 61 activities, we can add additional activities under “other” activity group.

Runtastic Running & Fitness facilitate to create an account to sync statistics of our activities. We may also do social login through Google or Facebook. However, it is not mandatory to use this APP. We can continue by tapping on “Remind me later”.

From the Menu, desired activity can be selected. From the Home page, activity can be started. By default, the four parameters namely Duration, Distance, Calories and Average Pace will be calculated in the top half of the screen highlighting the duration. However, we can change the highlighted parameter by tapping on it. By pushing down screen (similar to notification bar on android device), we can also set the Workout Goal, Interval Timing, Target Pace, Training plan. The bottom half, Remote control for music player and the Map indicating the present spot are presented. We can control the music player through this APP by granting permission to control media playback to this APP. On completion of every activity, details of the activity can be viewed and photos from the camera or gallery may also be attached to that activity. In the pro version, voice coach and auto pause facility are also available.

In the menu under History, we can access the list of carried out activities and the details in relation to them. Under Statistics, the data on Distance travelled, time spent on activities, improvement / decrease in progress, calories spent etc. can be accessed for a Week, Month, Year or All. The free version is limited only to monthly basis, rest of the periods are available in pro version only. The statistics can be shared through communication APPs like Whatsapp, Email etc.

In the menu, under Leaderboard, we can login and compare with friends in the Runtastic Running & Fitness community. Under Training plans, We can purchase a training plan. Under Storytelling, inspiring audios to boost our performance in the activities are available. Few audio is free of cost and other can be purchased. Further, in the pre version, under Routes, favourite routes can be created, saved flagged. With Runtastic routes, favourite routes can be searched. Under interval training, training while we stop for rest is also available.

Coming to the settings, we can adjust the units for measurement, settings for voice coach, Tracking, Connections with Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Watches, Accounts with Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, UP, Social sharing websites.

The pro version will cost Rs. 300/- per month or Rs. 1,850 per year. Benefits of the pro version are Free Training plans,Free Story runs, Daily Tips, Unlimited History, Weekly or Long Term Overviews and ADD Free version.

In our opinion, Runtastic Running & Fitness is worth to try for all fitness seekers. Based on the requirement and satisfaction on free version, decision on pro version may be taken.

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