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Runkeeper track, measure and improve the fitness activities. It also sync with several other apps like Google Fit, MyFitnesspal, Fitbit activity etc. GPS and Internet connection allows to share paths, activity details to friends and family and make RunKeeper more useful.

How to use Runkeeper: On opening RunKeeper, App request information on unit parameters to measure distance (mile or kilometres) weight (lb or kgs) and birthdate. On saving the information, App navigates to Homepage.

On home page RunKeeper requests to enable GPS if not enabled, to detect the current location.

Home page have four sections:

Activity: – Select proposed type of activity like running, walking, cycling, hacking, swimming, Mountain biking, growing, Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skating, wheelchair and Nordic walking. If any activity did not appeared in the list, select “other” activity to record activity. The basis for calculation of parameters, either in GPS mode or Stopwatch mode. In GPS, parameters like calories spelt kilometres average kilometre per kilometre are calculated based on  travelled distance. In stopwatch mode, parameters are calculated based on time. Stopwatch mode is useful for indoor activities.

Workout: – Workouts have three sections

  1. Training – Build a custom plan or request developer to build custom plan are access pre-built plans. Available only in upgraded version
  2. One Offs – Connect to Google Fit, select existing workout to restart activity or create new custom workout
  3. Target Pace – Set time to reach target in minutes and seconds

Route: – Create or Add custom routes to follow for your workout

Live track: – Broadcast your workout path live to your friends and family to locate you.

The Upgrade costs Rs. 600 per month or Rs. 2400 per year. In upgraded version, developer build workout plan for you, provide deeper insights, compare workouts to view progress, live broadcast your path to your friends and family and access weather relation to your activity (advantage or hindrance).

With one tap on “Go Running”, start the activity and navigate to activity page. The activity page provide activity time, average minutes per kilometre, calories burnt, distance covered and current speed.

From the options at top left on activity page, from”Tools”, enable or disable stopwatch mode, night mode, landscape, audio ducking and satellite map the activity. From “Camera”, capture image and attach it to the activity.

On completion of the activity, save the activity, view details, share on Facebook or Twitter, view average heart rate, tag with friends from Facebook and if desired change Map viewable settings to listen to the summary.

From the Activity completed page, view splits during activity and charts to indicate park on the map.

Top Left Menu: Access following options from menu:

  1. Start – Start an Activity
  2. Me – Access profile page and view kilometres, number of  activities, Insights, personal records
  3. Goals – Set Goals for workouts for longest distance, lose weight finish race and Total distance
  4. Find friends – Connect with Facebook or RunKeeper users or invite Facebook friends to join the runkeeper
  5. Training – Build a custom Plan or Browse pre built plans on losing weight, learn to run, prepare for race and get fit
  6. Challenges – View challenges set by you ar posed by your friends
  7. Store – purchase are necessary items for your fitness activities
  8. Settings – Settings have five sections. In Account settings, upgrade runkeeper, restore purchases, redeem promo code. In General, Change the language, Enable or disable audio cues, modify parameters distance units (miles, kms), Primary display option (Pace, Speed), enable or disable countdown timer, auto-pause, training reminders. In manage connections connect with Facebook Twitter and services like Google Fit. In Sharing settings, set activities or Maps view only by you, or your friends or everyone. In Profile settings, view personal details like full name gender birthday location and weight. In about view more about the RunKeeper log out from the runkeeper.

Options at top right: Grom “Music”, enable or Disable motion sensor to mute the music and From “log”, view activities and weight change for a day, week or month.

Our Opinion: Overall in our opinion, RunKeeper is a simple App to track activities and connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter or another RunKeeper users. We recommend RunKeeper to Daily joggers. If you are sports person, we recommend Google fit. RunKeeper Pro help to find the time and give a plan for activities for desired objectives and to observe the continuous progress. Based on experience, you may decide whether to go pro version or not.

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