Review on Polaris Office – Office Mobile for an Android

Polaris Office is a mobile office editor to create or edit Word, Text, Spreadsheets, Presentation documents. Documents saved various cloud storages like Polaris cloud storage, Amazon cloud storage, Google Drive, box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, uCloud, WebDAV can be accessed, edited and saved.

Polaris Drive is the default storage of the App. Polaris Drive offers three accounts:


Plan Basic Smart Pro
Price Free 200 per month

2000 per annum

300 per month

3000 per annum

Monthly Usage 60 MB 1 GB Unlimited
Cloud Space 15 GB 100 GB 1 TB
Number of devices 3 9 15
Export to PDF No Yes Yes

On Homepage, search and access documents on polaris drive, from Secure document storage option, set password and secure the drive access. From “+” option, Text, Slide, Sheet, Word documents can be created.

From other options on the top of the App, search for documents, view notifications. From options, enable auto upload to Polaris Drive, from settings, set sync settings, add contacts to share, sign out from the App.

From Menu at top left, access Polaris cloud, device storage and other cloud storages like Google drive, Amazon cloud etc. to access and manage files.

Text: Text document in Polaris office can be compared to wordpad in Ms Office. Four options to set the font size (6 to 72 size), select the desired encoding (Auto detect or from 15 encodings), Find/Replace, Read Text (Read All Text or Read from cursor point).

Slide: Slide in Polaris office can be compared to presentations in MS office. Select to create a new slide from blank or available templates. In Slide, in addition to Home, access four Menus namely Insert, Transitions, Slide show, View to modify the slide.

In Home, set the font (6 font types), size (6 to 72), Format text (Bold, Italic, single strike, double strike, superscript, subscript, underline), Change case, Change font color, Insert Bullets or Numbering to text, Modify Indents at in front of the text (0 to 82 characters) or First line (0 to 316 characters), modify text alignment, Line and Paragraph spacing (0 to 92.25 or line size, 0 to 316 points before or after paragraph)  and use Find and Replace to modify the text.

In Insert, options to insert table (up to 30 rows and 20  columns), Picture from Gallery, Take Picture using camera, Record Video, Shapes (Lines, Rectangle, Basic shapes, Block arrows, Equation shapes, Flowchart shapes, Stars and Banners, Callouts), Charts (Column, Bar, Surface, Radar, Line, Area, Pie or Doughnut, Scatter), Hyperlink, Textbox, Symbol into the Charts. On Inserting shape, one more Menu (Shape) is displayed to modify the shape.

In Transitions, apply transitions (Subtle, Exciting, Dynamic), Effect options (in relation to direction of transition), set timing to one slide or all slides.

In Slideshow, view the slideshow from Beginning or from Current slide. Current slide can be opted to Hide.

In View, opt to view 100% size or Fit to window, Slide note, Smart Guideline (border) on slide.

In Shape, modify the shape formats, alignment, group the shapes, rotate (90 degrees or flip the shape), modify Shape style, Fill, Outline to colors, insert effects to shape (Reflection, Neon, 3D, 3d Rotation), Shape, Change shape Font color, Text direction, Align text in the shapes and modify the size of the shape.

Sheet: Insert sheet from blank or templates, Similar to the Slide, six Menu are provided namely Home, Insert, Formulas, Data, Review and View.

On Home, from Insert and Delete, Insert, Delete, Shift cells, rows, columns. In Cell Format, adjust Row height, Column width, opt to hide, or show hidden rows, columns and if desired, protect worksheet (not workbook). Once protected, the sheet are locked from modifications, If desired, sheet can be unprotected from options on “Sheets” next to the Menu. Additional options (other than options available in slide) are Borders (to Insert Borders to the cells or table), Wrap text, Merge Cells, modify the format of cell content (Number, Currency, Accounting, Date, Time Percentage, Fraction, Text), Conditional Formatting (set rules to Emphasis cells, Top/Bottom Rules,Data Bar, Color Tone, Icon sets), Sort and Filters.

All the options in Insert are as same as options available in Insert Menu in slide document.

In Formulas, avail popular formulae available in MS Excel. All the formulae in Excel are not provided.

In Data, sort data and apply filters to rearrange the data.

In Review, Insert, Edit or Delete Comments. If desired, protect worksheet.

In View, set view to 100%, opt to Freeze panes.

Word: Insert the word from blank or templates.This word can be compared to the Microsoft word. Similar to the other documents, word has five Menus namely Home, Insert, Layout, Review and View.

In Home, in addition to the options available in Text and Slide, Options to Style to format text in pre defined styles, GoTo to access the desired page using its number are available.

In Insert, Insert Blank page, Page Break, Table, Picture, Take Picture, Shape, Chart, Hyperlink, Bookmarks, Comments, Footnote, Endnote, Header, Footer, Page number, Horizontal Text Box, Symbols.

In Layout, modify Margins, Orientation (Portrait, Landscape), size of the document (A4, A3, Letter etc.), Segregate document into columns, Set text direction, modify Page layouts.

Options in Review are similar to options in Sheet.

In View, opt to view Print layout, Text Reflow (align text on change of size, shapes etc.), without Margins, Ruler, Text in one page (useful where less contents are scattered in different sheets)

PDF: Export Slide, Sheet, Word documents to PDF. Please note that this facility is available in Smart ot Pro version only.

Menus / Options at header of App: Common on all documents

Next to the Menu, from two options, access Pen, Eraser to draw shape or view slide notes, if any.

From Menu available at top Left, save, opt to save with different name with Save As, Share (save) text file with any of the available cloud storage accounts like Google drive, polaris drive etc., Send documents using communication Apps like Email, Bluetooth etc. and if desired, view the document information.

From the other options on header, share the documents with other person or Group, view notifications and save the document.

Our opinions: Till date, We reviewed two mobile office Apps namely WPS Office + PDF and Office Suite + PDF and have an experience of using Google Drive:

  1. The options to edit the documents in Polaris office are less than the free Apps like WPS Office.
  2. The monthly usage for the free membership is 60 MB where there are no such limits for Google Drive. Google drive even offer a facility to convert image to PDF from Google devices.
  3. File Sync and work offline facility is available in every cloud storage.
  4. Only benefit, we can see from Polaris Office is access to the Multiple cloud storage from single App.

Hence, unless you are using Multiple cloud storage accounts to save your data, we do not recommend to use Polaris Office.

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