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Science behind APP – Sleep: Sleeps in mammals is divided into two broad types 1. Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep) and 2. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM sleep). In REM, we experience the d vivid dreams and generally called as semi-sleep. In NREM, there are three stages – N1 (light sleep), N2 (hard to awaken sleep) and N3 (sound sleep). The American Academy for Sleep Medicine observed that sleep cycle normally proceeds in the order N1 → N2 → N3 → N2 → REM. These rhythm are known as ultradian sleep cycle.

The NREM stages are categorized based on the speed and size of the brain waves. In N1, humans experience, brain transit the alpha waves (8-13 Hz) to theta waves (4-7 Hz). In N2, theta waves are interrupted by the sleep spindles (11 to 16 Hz) and decrease the awareness of the external environment. In N3, brain waves (called as delta waves) frequency reduce and their oscillation is between 0.5-2 Hz and experience sound sleep.

Sleep and Music: Researchers discovered that playing sounds synchronised to the rhythm of the slow brain oscillations enhances these oscillations which boosts memory and improves the quality of the sleep.

In view of the these, the Relax melodies sleep & yoga is being reviewed.

Review: Relax melodies sleep & yoga is designed with sleep hypnosis audio consisting natural sounds like River, Ocean, Rain, Winds, Birds, Waterfall etc. and relaxation sleep music from instruments like Flute, Piano, Melody, Music box, Orchestral etc., Isochronic Tones (regular beats of the single tone for brainwaves entrainment) and Binaural Beats (two tones in different frequencies presented to two ears separately). The Isochronic Tones and Binaural Tones aimed for Dreamless sleep, Dreams, Deep Meditation, Pre-Sleep, Relaxation and Concentration. Based on the activity, the music is played in different wavelengths to match with brain waves.

This Sleep App contain 118 music to aid in sleeping. Of these, 56 are available in free version. Free version is ad-supported. For other music and to remove ads, upgrade version with Rs. 50.

Each music is placed as a tile spread across 11 screens. Based on the activity, play multiple music simultaneously with single tap on tiles. For easy identification, active tile is move and non-active tiles stand still. Adjust the volume of the tile music from the volume slider on the top of the APP appears when tile is activated.

From the Volume slider available at the bottom of the tile screens, adjust device volume, pause the music, clear (deactivate) all the tiles and stop the music. From Blog next to “Clear”, access developer blog on various articles on Health.

Below the volume slider, following five Menus are available:

  1. Home – Access Music Tiles screens

  2. Upgrade – If desired, opt to upgrade the APP

  3. Timer – Set Music duration time from available options or using custom timer.

  4. Favorite – Play pre set favorite music with tiles and their volume. From “+”, save playing music as Favorite

  5. More – Important options include to reset the music volume to default, adjustment of loop correction mode, upgrading APP using Activation code, Sharing APP using Communication APPs.

Our opinion: Everybody is aware of the importance of the sleep or the healthy life. Most of the people are suffering from lack of sleep due to the change in the lifestyle or work pressures. Relax melodies sleep & yoga definitely help them to relax and sleep. This Sleep APP can be used to sleep newborn babies. We definitely recommend this APP for best sleep and better health.

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