Ranch Run – Game for Android

Ranch Run is a 108 MB game with rich graphics and music. Ranch Run suggest for installation of Google Play Games APP. However, Ranch Run can be played without installing Google Play Games.

Theme of the Game: Adopt pets like dogs, cows, pigs etc. in a house and compete with other houses in the race game.

Target: To become leader by winning races with house pets across the houses.

Rewards: Diamonds, Coins, Badges, Accessories like stickers

Utilities: Pet shop (to purchase or upgrade pets), Food Mill (generates food to feed pets), Animal barn (to store pets), Item Barn (to store accessories), House (as visitor spot), Garage (to access distant houses), Animal Pen (place to keep animals), Library (to learn and create new abilities to pets), Bank (to store more coins), Food Solo (to store food), Racing Hall (to access long race tracks), Sam Uncle (to construct or upgrade buildings), Local Merchant (to purchase accessories from Level 6) and Mansion (to control all other buildings or store basic coins and food).

The introduction on the Ranch Run Game will help to understand the Game and abilities of our pets.

At right hand top of the  APP, we can keep the track of Coins, Food and Diamonds earned.

From the Settings menu, we can enable or disable music, sound effects and language. We can connect to Facebook or Google play games. By tapping on the search at the right hand bottom, we can view and access the various houses in the region indicating the victory of us or under the control of other houses.

From the left hand top, we can keep track our badges, championships to be completed, Achievements, Friends and Leader Board. From left hand bottom, we can access Lucky Box (to avail free gift per day or purchase additional gifts), Construction Menu (to construct Buildings or Purchase accessories to the House).

On starting of the game, in Level 1, we can set our name. To start the game, points are provided to create a pen, buy a pet, feed the pet, for creation of feedmill to create more food. Further, Rauch Run also guide for first race. Pet have three abilities:

  1. Jump – to create small earthquake

  2. Ability to throw banana peel onto race track at the back of our pet

  3. Increase in speed to cover the track.

Additional feature is a Mansion to store 4000 coins and 4000 food packs, Lucky Box for selection of accessories or new pets. The new pets will  be stored in animal barn and accessories will be stored in Item barn. Mansion can be upgraded with coins earned during the race. New utilities can be built using coins or diamonds. Purchase of new buildings with coins will avail specific period of time to avail the facilities. However, while purchased with Diamonds, facilities are available instantly.


Coins – Coins can be earned from winning the races, selling the won accessories, visitors to House.

Diamonds: Achievements,Cutting of trees in House, Building Renovation, Lucky boxes display on region area.


  1. To engage in races

  2. To upgrade the buildings to upgrade the level of the game

  3. To purchase pets or their abilities

  4. To access houses in new regions

To start every race, we have to pay specified number of coins to make the others to participate in the race. On successful completion of the race, we will get Winner Badge, Barn items with the lost pet and reward coins. If we lost in the race, we will lose our paid coins. On completion of each race, participated pet will rest for specified period of time. If desired, we can wake it and use for race payment of specified number of diamonds.

Ranch Run start with the limited number of houses. We can explore the additional houses with payment of coins upto Level 2. To access Level 3, we need to build a Garage using our coins and explore additional houses.

As an additional information, we can access the statistics of the competitive pets in relation to their speed variation and accordingly select our pet for the competition. The rating for the house is also available to understand the level of difficulty of the race.

To upgrade our levels in the game, we have to upgrade our buildings or utilities with coins or diamonds. If we are short in food or coins or diamonds, we can purchase by payment to the developer.

Overall, in our opinion, Ranch Run is an ad-free game with good music and graphics. This is definitely worth to play. However, this is not a one day game where we have to wait for hours to access the new facilities purchased or created with coins. Hence, the only players who can wait to play will prefer this game.

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