Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner | Appcleaner and Applock|Best Use Series

Power Clean – Optimize cleaner is one of the best android appcleaner and improve the performance of the android device. This android app cleaner is designed three objectives:

  1. Free up RAM
  2. Clean Junk files and clean up device storage
  3. Boost Battery – Improve Battery performance and provide long life battery

Additional functions include Applocker, App share, Batch backup or uninstall Android Apps, move Apps to SD card, recover deleted images from recycle bin.

How to use Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner:

Power Clean Homepage is categorized into two sections. In the top section, Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner display the current battery temperature, details on used storage and on RAM utilization. At the intersection of both sections, one tap Junk cleaner is available to scan and clear all junk files, boost RAM and improve performance of the battery. In lower section, options to clean junk, boost memory on device, to view device info and to access App Manager are provided.

  1. Junk clean: – Scan the device for junk files like redundant files, temp files etc and offer option to clean junk files. As desired, select all or few junk files and clean from the device.
  2. Memory boost: – Scan for the Apps running in the background and offer to close the Apps. To close the system default Apps, administrative privileges has to be provided. In case no administrative privileges are provided, default device apps will be auto started and Power Clean can not close the default apps completely.
  3. Device Info: – Access the details of device information including Device model, CPU, RAM, Storage, Resolution, Camera pixel and options to optimize CPU and Battery under Overview section. Under Status section, view the Temperature, RAM and Storage status options to optimize them.
  4. App Manager – App Manager have four sections. In Uninstall section, select the Android Apps on device to backup or uninstall Apps in batch. To select the Apps, Apps may be sorted based on size, Frequency, Date or Name. In APK files section, opt to shares the APK files, if any, stored on the device using communication android apps like Email, WhatsApp etc. In App Lock, set pattern to lock preferred Apps. In move, move installed Apps to SD card.

       Options available Menu at Top Left to use Power Clean to its best:

    1. CPU Cooler – Shortcut to CPU Cool function. Close all background processes and apps and decrease the CPU temperature to optimal level.
    2. Gallery Manager – Access images in gallery and opt to lock or unlock images for the desired images. Pattern set in App lock can be used to to lock or unlock images.
    3. Photo Recycle Bin – To use this feature, enable Image Junk Recycle from Power Clean Settings. Opt to recover deleted images. Images can be recovered up to seven days from deletion.
    4. Download Manager – Access all, media, documents, document received from bluetooth  and other modes and opt to remove the desired files/media.
    5. Game Boost – Add games on the device to Games Boost. On starting of the selected game, Power clean closes all background apps and allocate high RAM to game to boost game functioning.
    6. App Lock – Shortcut to App Lock function
    7. Settings – Select preferred language from 12 provided languages, preferred theme from 4 different themes, temperature units (Celsius, Fahrenheit). Enable or disable to send anonymous usage, boost charge, 12 hour clock format, toggle notification bar. Prompt to clean junk, APK deletion, Memory reminder, CPU reminder, Temperature warning beyond selected threshold (55 to 70 degrees), ignore list and memory boost settings.

                   On enabling the toggle notification bar,widget containing options to clean, boost (clean apps), cpu cool        

                   down, wifi connect, recent apps and flash light is enable in the notification bar for easy access.

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, Power Clean is light weight efficient appcleaner similar to SuperB Cleaner with Applock, Bulk uninstall options. We definitely recommend this App to the Android users.

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