PIP Camera for Android

Pip Camera is designed to create images in transparent objects like water drops, bottles etc.

Homepage of APP will provide an facility to take a picture from camera or to select a photo

from Gallery. From the Settings option available at right hand side bottom, we can enable or disable High Quality Image or to save Original Image or Square Photos. From the left hand bottom side, we can access more apps from the developer.

On selection of the image, in the editor, we have four options:

  1. To return to the Homepage

  2. Selection of transparent object to place image

  3. To adjust various options like Brightness, Contrast etc. to the selected image

  4. Menu options to Share image through Communication Apps like Whatsapp, Email etc or to Save Image.

  5. Option to return back to original image by discarding the changes

  6. Redo option

From the options to select transparent objects, we can select any option from the 16 transparent objects available in the APP. We can resize the image to fit into the object. From the option to adjust parameters, we can adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Blur, Temperature, Resolution (Low, Medium or High), Lighting, Cloud effect, Pixel, Crop (in 1:1 – Square, A4, 2:3 ratio), Flip (clockwise, anti-clockwise, top to bottom, right to left) and Focus (size of the focus can be changed with pinch in and out).

We can upgrade to ad-free version with payment of 0.99 $.

Overall, in our opinion, Pip camera is useful to design profile pics. However, the features are very limited. We did not recommend this APP unless want to design images with effects on transparent objects like Bottles, Water drops etc.

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