PicsArt Photo Studio for Android

PicsArt is designed as Complete Image Creator, Editor and showcase platform to the art.

Homepage is designed in four divisions:

  1. My Network

  2. Explore

  3. Artists

  4. Contests

From “search” available at top right, we can search for the users, tags, images and from “Notifications”, we can view notifications.

To Find or Invite Friends, login is required. we can create an account or do social login. From the Menu options available at top left, we can explore (access Division II), Find Friends, Shop, Invite Friends and access PicsArt settings.

From settings, we can set to upload images only on Wifi, Max Image Size (3 to 6 Megapixel), enable or disable to show resolution dialog, Link social website accounts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DropBox, DevianArt, Facebook Sync, Google Plus Sync, set Notification settings, clear web cache or search history.

Division I – My Network:

In this page, the list of latest posts from artists with details of artist, time lapsed from the post, number of views, image preview, icons to like, comment, repost or unpost from our profile page. From options available at bottom right if the post, we can share the image using on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc., copy image url to share through communication apps like WhatsApp, Messaging, Email etc., Report on Image, Add to Membox (members box – inbox in account). We can also view the latest comments at the bottom of the post (below the options).

On tapping on any post, we can access the Image page. In Image page, in addition to the details and options available on  My Network page list, we can view the theme/title/description of the Image, number of likes, comments and repost.

On tapping on any username, we can access their profile page consisting profile image, number of photos posted, number of followers, following, Membox of the user. From the  “Person+” icon available next to profile image, we can opt to follow the user. From the options available at top right, we can block or copy the profile url.

——————————— Start of “Pencil” available at right bottom————————————–

With “Pencil” option available at right bottom, we can select images from Gallery to Edit, Draw, Collage or capture Images from camera and post them in PicsArt of save to Gallery.

———————————  Start of Edit Section of PicsArt ————————————–
In Edit page, options are categorized in 12 menus:


  1. crop – we can crop in 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2, 16:9, rotate to diagonal angle from -45 degrees to +45 degrees, select canvas size with desired width and height, rotate to right in 90 degrees angle, drag and drop to adjust the view in the cropped view.

  2. Free crop -we can highlight the desired part of the image with paint or shape selector for desired shape and crop the highlighted part of the image. Size of the highlighter can be set in 5 different sizes.

  3. Shape crop – we can crop the image in any shape from the provided 43 different shapes. The size of the shape can be adjusted with control placed at right bottom to the shape. Border can also be inserted to shape with length ranging from 0 to 40 pixel, color can changed from the color box available next to border scale.

  4. Selection – we can select desired part of the image with paint (only image highlighted is selected),  free hand selector (image inside the loop is selected),  square or circle selector to select part of the images in square or circle. In free hand, square, circle sections, with “+”, we can add other selected part of the image to selection. with “-“, we can remove the other selected part of the image from the selection. On selection of the part of the image, we can edit, crop, apply filters, save selection to gallery, deselect the selection. Under edit, options to cut, copy, paste, clear, de-select, inverse are provided.

  5. Perspective – we can change perspective angle of horizontal or vertical ranging from -20 degrees to 20 degrees.

  6. Clone – we can draw or erase the clone image from original image. From “Dot”, we can adjust brush size (0 to 100), opacity (0 to 255), Hardness (0 to 100) of clone image. On tapping on “Pointer” the clone brush will appear on image. We can drag it to the desired position by touching on it. Dragging the brush with touch outside the brush will draw or erase the clone on the Image. With tap on “Brush” icon or “Direction” icons, we can show or hide the menu.

  7. Motion – creation of the motion effect to the desired part of the image. With freehand selection tool, we can select the part of the image for which motion effect need to be carried out. Based on the selection of Linear (straight),  Free (any direction) options available at bottom of the page, we can create the motion effect by dragging the part of the image to the desired direction. The count of the motion images ranging from 3 to 50 in the dragged place can be adjusted from scale available above the options.

  8. Stretch – Part of the image can be stretched, swirl counterclockwise (ccw), clockwise (cw), squeeze or inflated.with “restore”, all effects can be abandoned and restore to the default. From circle options available at top, we can draw or erase the drawings.

  9. Curves – Red, Green, Blue, Multiple colors on Image can be adjusted using pointers (single or multiple) on the graph.

  10. Adjust – Can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadows, highlights, temperature using the scale ranging from -100 to 100. With option “refresh” available next to scale, we can abandon the changes and revert to default.

  11. Enhance – can adjust colors of image in Normal+, saturation, fade.

  12. Tilt shift – can select desired part of the image in rectangle, circle to highlight that part. Rest of the image is blurred based on the scale ranging from 0 to 100.

  13. Resize – used to resize image to.the desired size in width and height.

  14. Flip / Rotate – to rotate image in clockwise or anticlockwise about 90 degrees or to flip image from left to right or from top to bottom or vice versa.

Effect: Several effects are categorized in 8 categories namely Fx, Blur, Artistic, Pop Art, Paper, Distort, Colors, Correction. On selection of the category, the thumbnails with the various effects under category is provided. On viewing the thumbnail, desired effect may be selected. With the “Pointer” option available at top, we can select part of the image in circle, square and set for selected effect or hardness ranging from 0 to 50. Under option to draw/paint, with “dot”, we can set opacity (0 to 255), Hardness (0 to 100) and draw/ erase drawing on the image in transparent color. On completion of all effects, with “Apply” option, all effects can be applied and saved to Gallery or posted on PicsArt, Facebook or Tweet.

Add Photo: we can add additional images on the existing images from Gallery. The added images size can be increased / decreased with “drag” option available at right bottom of the image and can be rotated with option available at right top of the image. Opacity can be adjusted on scale ranging from 0 to 100. Any of the six filters namely screen, multiply, darkness, lighten, overlay, Add can be applied from the option available next to opacity scale. With “Paint Brush” option, we can edit marks, if any. Additionally, we can also use options of Filters, Crops, Crop in shape, edit, borders, Frame can also be applied to additional images.

Square Fit: The canvas size realigned as square and empty spaces in the canvas can be filled with blurred image of original image under blur option (opacity can be adjusted on scale), filled with color under color option, filed with background patterns under BG option.

Border: Inner border, outer border, radius on the corners of the image can be adjusted on scale in Inside or Outside of the Image. Colors of the Inner, Outer border can be changes from the color box next to the scales of Inner, Outer borders.

Masks: Insert various patterns of lighting, bokeh (transparent sparks), borders, texture, artistic patterns. We can also rotate, flip image, apply filters, edit the marks, if any, adjust opacity, hue.

Draw: With options at bottom of the page, various patterns, text in desired font and size (Once the text is finalized, go back to the image and swipe in the desired path, text will appear in such path), Different shapes with opacity and size with options to fill and stroke in different colors, add photo and clipart, several layers on images can be added. Under Layers, several images can be added in layers. Individual images can be transformed (rotate, flip), copy, clear or multiple images can be merged from Menu in Layers window. We can also apply filters, fill color, adjust opacity. With options at top, we can view images in full screen, fit screen, screen rotation off. As several layers of images can be added, we can create a video or GIF from “Video” option. From Menu, new can canvas can be created, open draft canvas, save image or save draft.

Text – Can insert text in desired font, alignment, color. By default 20 different fonts are provided. Additional fonts can be downloaded or purchased. From “+” option next to textbox, frequently used text, location based text, date and time text formats can be accessed and insert them in text box. Desired text may also be entered in textbox and insert onto the Image. On insertion, from settings, we can adjust orientation, opacity, wrap.

Clipart: Insert clipart into Image from several categories of clip arts. Additional clipart can be downloaded or purchased.

Sticker: Insert stickers and apply filters, adjust size, opacity, hue as desired.

Lens flare: Insert lens flare (blazing light). With control available at right bottom of the flare, position may be changed and with control at top right, flare can be rotated. With scale options, we can adjust hue, opacity. With “+” option, text, call out, lens flare, clipart, photo can be added.

Shape Mask: Insert any shape from provided 71 shapes to highlight or mask the part of the image. On insertion of shape mask, can apply filters, change background color or pattern, adjust opacity. with control option available at right bottom extend or decrease the size of the shape, move the shape to desired position with drag and drop. with inverse option, mask the part of the image with shape.

Frame: Insert frames to the image from 86 categories of frames provided. On insertion, apply filters, rotate image, adjust opacity, change color.

Callout: Insert callout in the desired callout shape. In the text box, enter the desired text and from “+” sign next to  the text box, frequently used text, location based text, date and time text formats can be accessed and insert them in callout.

From the shop, we can download or purchase backgrounds, stickers, images, clip arts, themes etc.

From the options available at top of the App Page, the image can be saved in JPEG or PNG format or as GIF image (in case of multiple layers) and share the images or video using Communication Apps or on Social networking websites

——————————— End of Edit Section of PicsArt ————————————–

Draw: Blank (in desired size), Photo, Background, draft can be opened and access the Draw section in Edit and create or modify the Images.

Collage: In Grid option, images can be collated in 1:1(Square), 4:3 (Landscape), 3:4 (Portrait), FB Cover (851 x 315), Lines (Horizontal or Vertical). We can access frame and background with the additional two options.

Camera: Access in-built camera to capture the Image. With options at the top of the App, we can change rear to front camera and vice versa, set flash to auto, on or off, zoom in or out using the scale, adjust white balance (5 types), scene mode (20 types), enable or disable sound recording, apply Image effects (9 types) and restore to defaults. With options available at bottom, under settings, we can set Time Lapse (1 to 30 seconds), self timer (2 to 30 seconds), Burst (continuous shots – 2 to 20 shots i.e. images). With two additional at right bottom, we can access Filters and Masks.

——————————— End of “Pencil” available at right bottom————————————–

Division II – Explore: In addition to the menus for Effects, Edit, Collage, Camera and Draw, the images in each category like Daily Inspiration, Featured Images, Recent photos, PicsArt Pics etc. are displayed. In the menus, respective options can be accessed.

Division III – Artists: The Images of various artists categorized in their respective usernames are made available.

Division IV – Contests: The list of various contests along with submission of time, rules, description of the contest, recent submissions (others and self with limit of 3), option to submit images for contest are available.

Overall, in our opinion, PicsArt is developed as all in one Image Creator, Editor and Social Platform to showcase Images to art loving public. If you are art lover or artist, PicsArt is a must App on your device and it will remain for quite long time with you.

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