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Background: PhotoMath APP is developed by Microblink using blinkOCR technology. Microblink is a software company engaged in developing mobile technologies with an aim to eliminate need for manual data entry. At present, various technologies developed by Microblink are being used by several Banks, Financial Institutions.

PhotoMath is mathematical equation solver. PhotoMath auto detect equation from the image on camera and solve the equation and instantly provide the answer.

PhotoMath can be used to solve the equations or to check the correctness of others work like students. At present, PhotoMath support basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms.

The Review of this APP took back to our  college life where we struggled to solve the mathematical equations in the Chapters of Integers, Equations, Trigonometry etc.. Today, the advancement of the technology to made it very simple to solve all these equations with the APPs like PhotoMath.

Opening of PhotoMath opens the camera. The flash available at top left will enable or disable flash. On placing the equation in the dedicated area on the screen (indicated with red corners), equations are auto detected and solved instantly. Intro Tutorial can be viewed from the “?” option available at top right on Homepage will help us to use the APP.

With tap on the equation, access step by step approach used in solving the equations.

PhotoMath is very useful APP in competitive exam preparation, for students to learn the solutions for equations and for teachers / parents to check the solving skills of the students. We recommend this APP for students and competitive exam preparation.

Edit 1: March 11, 2016

In the recent update, Photomath introduced keyboard function to input the equations. Latest update includes

Inbuilt Keyboard: At top of the Homepage, either camera to capture the image or keyboard to input the equation can be selected.

In built keyboard display the numbers with basic mathematical operators. With single tap on “….” icon available at bottom left, access advanced operators including Integrations, logs, trigonometry signs. On the keypad header, option to hide keypad, move to next line, move cursor to next or previous, back buttons are available. While inputting the equations, options to execute (at the top of the keypad) and option to delete the line at right of the active line made available.


Menu: Available at top left

From Menu, view or clear history, enable or disable to start camera on opening the App and provide the feedback.

With addition of keypad, developers made Photomath to reach to more students who are using basic phones. We appreciate the developer and wish him all the best for his future developments.

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