Photofy Photo Editing Collage For Android

Photofy Homepage is categorized into three divisions:

  1. Create – create a collage

  2. Templates – use pre defined collage templates

  3. Camera – Camera option available at right bottom of the APP page

Create: In create division, images available on device are displayed. On selection of the desired number of images, with option “Continue” available at right bottom, layout page can be accessed.

In the layout page, select the preferred layout. From “More”, access more than 95 layouts to select the preferred layout. On selection of the preferred layout, access the edit page.

Edit page have 4 sections:

  1. Layout preview

  2. Photo Editing

  3. Text & Overlays

  4. Header Menu

Layout preview: The preview in the opted layout is displayed. With “-” on the image, hide the image. With “+”, display the image. With touch on the Image, drag and adjust the display of the image. With tap on the preview, access the menu. From this menu, access options to replace the image with new image, swap images within the layout, Hide image, opt Fill in to drag on touch and adjust display and lock image from fill in and disable drag on touch. Please note that Fill in option can be used only on one image at a time. The “green tick” indicates the image selected for modification.

Photo Editing: Photo Editing provide menu to edit the Images. In “Layout”, if desired, modify the ratio or crop of layout in Square, Portrait, Landscape, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr, Linkedin, 5:7, 4:6, 8:10, Adjust the angle (-25 degrees to +25 degrees), Reflect the image and change the collage layout.  In “Filters”, apply filters like like Frankfurt, Jakarta, Seoul to apply appropriate lighting and adjust Intensity, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation. In “Sharpen”, adjust the sharpness (clarity) of the Image. In “Watermark”, modify the style of watermark (watermark can be removed only in pro version). In “Light Fx”, adjust the RGB colors. In “Blur”, blur the selected image in the layout. In “Border”, impart border and adjust Size, Comers, Opacity and change colours / spectrum / pattern. Other options are adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation.

Text & Overlays:  Text & Overlays provide menu to impart text on the Collage. From options, impart Strikers, Shape Mask, Add Logo, Frames, Text, Artwork and Meme.

Header Menu: Have options to reset the project (collage), save the project, access support, enable grid lines, view in full screen, share collage on social websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Ecards, Walgreens or using communication APPs like WhatsApp, Messaging etc.

From the “Shop” option available in Photo Editing and Text Overlays, shop the stickers, themes, FX Packages, Color Packages to apply on the Images.
Templates: Templates provide the pre defined layouts. On selection of the template, insert the images, change the text, use Layout preview options and Header

Camera: Use In-built camera to capture images. Options capture images in Portrait or Square, Apply filters, Add Geo filters, Delay in capture (3 or 10 seconds), Adjust flash, Change rear camera to front camera and vice versa are available in in-built camera.

APP Menu: From APP Menu, sign in to Photofy using Facebook, Google Plus or Create an account to share images on “Photofy Stream”. From “Settings”, Customize colors, Fonts, Update Location, Clear Local Cache.

Overall, in our opinion, Photofy Photo Editing Collage developed mainly targeting the collage of Images in different layouts and it work awesomely on it. To collage image, it is the best APP unless if you are not ok with the Logo of Photofy.

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