Periscope of Twitter for Android | Best Use Series

Periscope is developed as a live video streaming and acquired by twitter before even the app is publicly made available in 2015. Periscope users can tweet their live stream link on twitter. In addition to live streaming, we can also opt for replay of videos to make our video available for users to view in future.

Periscope is designed in four divisions:

  1. Live Videos of following people and option to broadcast live videos

  2. Details of live broadcasters across globe and option to broadcast

  3. List of live broadcasts

  4. Featured users

Live Videos of following people:

On this Page, we can view the list of live videos, if any to whom we are following, if any along with the category of the video.

On tapping on any video in the list, we can view title, video creator, option to play, option to share broadcast (copying url), hide chat or report on broadcast, list of viewers. On tapping on the Broadcaster name, we can view the details of broadcaster including number of love’s (likes), recent videos, followers, following people. With options on broadcaster details, we can copy broadcaster profile url or block the broadcaster. On tapping on any of the viewers, we can view the profile page of the viewer.

With “Play” option, we can play the video and navigated to video player (in built) page. On video player page, in addition to the video, we can view joining of other users and their comments, love’s created with touch. We can also create a love with touch on the screen. We can pause the video with pause option. If the video is a replay, we can forward or reverse the video with long hold on the video and swipe to right (forward) or left (reverse). we can also close the video player.

On tapping on the “Camera” option available at right bottom of the page, we can start broadcasting the video. The videos can be broadcasted for public or for selected people under private. We can create our own title or the broadcast, tag the location, allow only followers or public to chat on the broadcast.

While broadcasting, we can change rear to front camera or vice versa, see the number of viewers and can stop broadcast with option “stop broadcast”. This broadcasts are placed on the Home page list of recent broadcasts. On tapping on the broadcast, we can access Broadcast Page and access options to play, remove re-play, delete broadcast od hide chat.

Details of live broadcasters across globe and option to broadcast:

In this page, on the world map, the icons of the live broadcasters are provided in red dots. The replay videos are pointed in blue dots. We can tap on any dot and view the list of videos. On selection of the desired video, we can view the video.

On tapping on the “Camera” option available at right bottom of the page, we can start broadcast of the video.

List of live broadcasts:

In this page, the list of live broadcasts along with replay videos are displayed. On tapping on any video, we can access the broadcast page and view the video.

On tapping on the “Camera” option available at right bottom of the page, we can start broadcast of the video.

Featured users:

In this page, the.list of featured users of Periscope i.e., the people with largest number of followers are listed. By tapping on name, we can view the profile of featured user. With “Person Follow” icon available at right, we can opt to follow the user. With search option available at bottom right, we can search for users.

With “Profile” option available at right top, we can access our profile page. In profile page, with edit icon available at top right, we can change display name or add/ modify description. We can view the statistics on followers, following, blocked, broadcasts. Under settings, we can set notification mode (vibrate + sound, vibrate, sound), enable or disable notifications when followed users goes live, shares broadcasts or users following us or to suggest first time broadcasts. We can also change language, auto save broadcast videos to Gallery or not. We can visit help center, send feedback, log out from account.

Overall, in our opinion, Periscope is designed to tweet videos on various events, occasions to public or group of people under private broadcast. If you tweet or view tweets often, we recommend to try this App to tweet videos or view video tweets.

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