Peak – Brain Training for Android

Peak – Brain Training is a mobile gym developed based on neuroscience.

Background: Neuroscience is a scientific study of nervous systems contained in brain. With the manuscripts, the evidence shows that neuroscience is in existence from 1700 BC. Human brain consist approximately 100 million nerves cells where each brain cell connected to 10000 other cells. Contrary to the myth that we use only 10% of our brain, we use all our brain cells to do tasks in our daily life. It is common experience for everyone to forget something in their life. This is not because you do not have information on your brain. The connections to the nerves where the information was stored became dormant and you are not able to reach the path to retrieve the information from that nerves. To make such experiences very less, it is necessary to train your brain and keep most of the connections active.

With such background, the Peak – Brain Training APP will be reviewed.

Peak – Brain Training is developed based on the neuroscience with focus on improving memory, fluency in language, focus/concentration on tasks,improvement in mental agility and problem solving skills.

To play games in this APP, login is mandatory. You can login with Google or Facebook too.Your personal details with relation to qualification and gender will help in assessment of your abilities with similar age group or with your friends.

Peak – Brain Training free version provided one game on four sections namely Language, Memory, problem solving and focus on the day 1. Additional four games per day will be released subsequently.Playing on these games reminded the video games that we played at our childhood. The little different approach in the games made all the difference. For example,in Memory Section game, the game is similar to Minesweeper on Windows 95. But the game in this APP showcase the mines at starting of the game and hide them. Subsequently, you are asked to find out route between to places without going through the mines. This demand you to remember the location of the mines which improves memory. Similar to this, game in the Section Focus allows to concentrate on shape of the card even the colors of the different shapes are similar which improves your focus.

Peak – Brain Training also features to set training reminders and check our statistics and compare it with our friends or similar age group. If you enjoy the free-version games, you can subscribe for Rs. 200/- per month or Rs. 1000/- per year or Rs. 1300/- for lifetime subscription to access pro-version games.

In our opinion,Peak – Brain Training is good trainer for your brain to improve your brain capabilities. We recommend you to try free version of this APP and decide on pro version.

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