Opera Max – Data saving | Android Data Manager APP

Opera Max – Data Saving is designed to carry out two functions to save data usage:

  1. Manage Data usage by various APPs

  2. Compress the Data and deliver through Opera Max Cloud Server

On Homepage, details of the data saved by Opera Max is displayed. Details displayed include Data used, Data savings. Statistics can be viewed for a day or month or APP lifetime.

In the day page, in addition to the data details, the number of APPs using the data, data and time of APP installation are displayed.

In the month page, statistics on the data usage during the calendar month. The list of APPs can be sorted on the basis of Total usage, Background usage, Fireground usage, Savings, Name (A to Z) and display only the APPs used the data or all APPs. This is very useful to view APP usage details including foreground, background usage and decide to block the APP from data usage or not.

In the All time page, share the APP using Communications APPs, Rate the APP.

From the Menu available at top left, opt to connect to Opera Max cloud server or access Mobile Data Usage, WiFi Usage, APP Management, Share, Settings Pages.

Mobile or Wifi Usage: Display the details as on Homepage. Next to the options of Mobile Usage, WiFi Usage, options to connect to the Cloud server is available for the specific mode of data use. This helps us to enable the data compression either for mobile data or WiFi data or both using the Cloud server.

APP Management: By default, no APPs are blocked from data usage. In APP Management, four sections are available i.e., Savings (to disable data savings), Background (block background data usage), Mobile Access (block Mobile data use) and WiFi Access (block WiFi data use).

In Savings section, sort APPs based on Savings or Name. In Background section, sort APPs based on Background usage or Name. In Mobile Access, WiFi Access, sort APPs based on Total usage, Background usage, Foreground usage or Name. In any section, tap on the name of the APP to  move the APP to right side and disable data savings or block APP data usage. From options menu, use Block all or Unblock all APPs to set the desired  functions to all APPs.

Share: Share the APP (including screen shot) using Communication APPs.

Settings: Enable or disable Monthly data usage and savings notifications, Background data alerts. In Savings, by default, Mobile Savings or WiFi Savings are set to High Savings for Image, Video, Music. If desired, modify the settings to Off or Low or Medium or High. In Privacy, enable or disable to send usage reports to the developer. In Help, access Introduction, FAQs, Report a problem to the developer.

Opera Max Cloud Server: To compress data, Opera  Max – Data Saving use its cloud server as internet service provider in the place of Telecom (mobile) or Internet Service provider (Wifi).

In normal circumstances, on request for data by the user (web page, information through APP), mobile place the request to telecom or internet service provider. Telecom or internet service provider procure the data from internet and forward to the user.

In Opera Max, Telecom or Internet Service provider place request to Opera Max cloud server through Telecom or Internet Service provider. Opera Max cloud server procure the requested data and compress it and forwarded to the user. Accordingly, the Opera Max notifies about the interception of Opera Max in network traffic while enabling the Opera Max Cloud server.

The Advantage Compress the data on cloud server. This reduce the data consumption. The Disadvantage is that log on web pages, APPs of user, mobile number, details of service provider may be noted on Opera Max cloud server and used for several other purposes including data selling.

Our Opinion: Opera – Max Data saving is very useful to block APPs using the data in background. It also helps to.identify the high data usage APPs and decide to continue or not. Use of Opera Max cloud server may reduce the data usage but the log on data activities are noted. Hence, you may decide keeping the privacy in view. We recommend to.use this APP to manage the data and will recommend to use Cloud server.

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