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Background: Most of the android users will wonder why the mobile is slow in processing and where the full battery was not lasting for a day. The secret is that mobile RAM and charge is consumed by many background processes like Email, WhatsApp etc. to provide the push notifications. If you want to long last your battery charging and get the process done fast, control the background process.

All in One Toolbox is designed to clean the ROM, Optimise RAM and to provide System tools for effective optimization of the Android device.

All in One Toolbox Homepage provide graphical display of ROM, RAM and SD Card usage available free capacity. At the bottom of the home page, access 3 options namely clean, boost and toolbox. From the Options Menu on Homepage, upgrade to Pro version to remove ads on payment of Rs. 100/-, access Settings, System Info of the App, Rate / Like the App.

In settings, enable or disable Notification Icon along with Bar color and preferred options like Boost, Calculator, Gallery etc. from 20 available options. Select SD Card path, Select preferred orientation, set auto tasks like clean, boost at specified time. Access Whitelist for Task Killer and Clean. Enable or Disable Notifications on too much CPU consumption. Edit Clean settings for scanning files, Start up Apps. If preferred, select the default language from over 40 languages.

Clean: In Standard section, Clean and Remove System Cache, Temp files and Empty folders. With tap on any file / folder, add file / folder Whitelist. This option is more useful to avoid cleaning any important folders / files. From options menu available at top right, access the Settings, Whitelist, Shortcut Creation and Restore centre

Settings: In Settings, enable or disable to scan running process, APK files (APPs), Thumb images, enable recycle for large images (restore deleted large images within 7 days).

Whitelist: Access the list of whitelist files / folders

Create Shortcut: Create Shortcut key for one tap clean

Restore Images: Access the large image files and opt to delete or restore the files in Restore Images section.

In Advanced section, opt for Auto clean or Manual clean on browsing, Email history, Call Logs, SMS Logs, WhatsApp messages. From the options menu available at top right, access option to create shortcut.

Boost: Close or End the process background Apps to free the RAM and make it available for the latest application. With long tap on any App, access options to add App to Whitelist, Uninstall, Open the App, End the App to boost the device. From options menu available at top right, sort the Apps on the usage of RAM or CPU or Battery, access Whitelist of Apps, Create Shortcut for one tap clean, Enable Boost+ to run 2x faster.

ToolBox: In Toolbox, if desired, use the following options:


  • CPU Cooler: Decrease the temperature of the CPU by closing the process excluding the system defaults and whitelist Apps
  • Batch Install: Access App packages, if any available on device, to install all at once. This option is useful when more than one App is received from friends through sharing Apps like Xender or ShareIt.
  • Batch Uninstall: Select multiple Apps and uninstall all at once.
  • Backup & Restore: If desired, back up all the Apps for installation on other devices or to install after restoring the device to factory defaults. From restore, restore the backup of Apps.
  • System App Uninstall: Uninstall system default Apps. This option is more useful in phones containing Factory Apps like Games, Manufacturer Apps but not useful for the user.
  • App2sd: Move Apps from device to SD card
  • Boot Speedup: Disable user or system Apps to start at the time of the booting. This feature will increase bootup speed (Starting time when device is switched on).
  • Startup Customize: Add the preferred system or user Apps to start the App at the booting time.
  • File Manager: Access the files or folders from the File Manager.


From the Plugins or More, if desired, add more plugins like AppLock, AutoTasks, Permission Check etc. to the All in One Toolbox to control more options or features on the device.

Our Opinion: Thanks to Donna Miller for updating us on All in One Toolbox as a comment to our video analysis on SuperB Cleaner. SuperB Cleaner is simple App where as All in One Toolbox is a feature rich providing Tools for batch install or uninstall of Apps, facilitate to restore images in 7 days, move Apps from Phone to SD Card and several other additional plugins. If you are looking for an App more than Cleaner and Booster, we recommend to try All in One Toolbox.

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