Omni Swipe – Small and Quick | Easy access Menu Bar

Omni Swipe is the new version to Lazy swipe. Omni Swipe, an android app, provide an easy access to favorite apps, settings, and notifications.

Omni Swipe consist three Tabs.

  1. Toolbox – to access options available in notification panel

  2. Favorite – to access Favorite Apps (up to 8 APPs)

  3. Interact / Recent APPs – Interact display important contacts and Recent APPs display recent APPs.

On Omni Swipe Homepage, enable or disable APP, floating window, download themes, modify APP settings, notification settings. Analysis on various sections is detailed below.

Enable Omni swipe: Enable or disable omni swipe with this option. While APP is enabled, it can be accessed with touch at right or left bottom. On the first attempt to disable, option to have “Little White Dot” for easy access. It may be opted or disable the APP. The “Little White Dot” can be dragged to any side of the screen.

Themes: Preferred themes based on the desired color or vacation can be selected from the available options.

Notifications: Enable or Disable Notifications on SMS, Gmail and other APPs. To set notifications for other APPs, administrative access to the Omni Swipe has to be provided from the Device Settings. The type of notification can be selected from the three options like Red notification bubble only, Banner with source and message, Banner with source only.

Advanced Settings: From Advanced settings,

  1. Enable or Disable to boost charge

  2. Opt or disable to make APP available on lock screen

  3. Modify the Trigger method (mode of accessing the APP tabs i.e., Swipe from bottom corners or edge, “Little White Dot”)

  4. Modify Trigger area position (available only in Trigger method – Swipe from bottom corners or edge) in any or all the four positions namely Bottom left, Bottom right, Middle left, Middle right and from the scale adjust the length of the touch area to access the APP tabs.

  5. Enable Omni Swipe for Desktop only or Desktop and non-full screen APPs (useful to switch between APPs) or Desktop and all apps. Under “Add Exception”, add any APP to avoid availability of Omni Swipe

  6. Set default tab from Interact, Favorites, Toolbox, or Last browsing tab to view at the time Omni Swipe access

Floating Menu: Enable or disable Floating menu for boost charge. Boost charge is app killer to free RAM and improve battery performance. On enabling Floating menu, adjust settings availability of Floating menu on Desktop and all app or Desktop, if desired and exclude APPs from boost charge.

From the Menu available at top right, follow the developers on facebook, provide feedback, read FAQs, Upgrade the APP.

The premium version of the Omni Swipe is available for Rs. 272/- to customize name of the tabs and avoid ad and enjoy more features.

Overall, in our opinion, Omni Swipe will make Homepage more beautiful by avoiding shortcuts to favorite APPs and at the same time provide easy access to them. It is recommended to try this APP and decide whether to continue or not.

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