OfficeSuite + PDF Editor by Mobisytems for Android

Office Suite + PDF Editor by Mobisytems is an mobile office to create, view and edit word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF documents.Office Suite + PDF Editor supports several formats of these documents including MS Office.

Office Suite + PDF Editor also features to upload/download files from FTP servers (web severs ofwebsite,if any), Local Network, if created with your computers and Cloud storage like Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox etc.

As a part of menu, access to recent files, created documents (My Documents), Templates and Bookmarks is provided. Of all these, through templates, you can create a new documents. Under sample templates, word documents, spreadsheets, andpresentations various formats were provided.

In the word documents, all functions are categorized into six menus –

1. Insert Menu which facilitates toinsert picture, picture from camera (only available in premium version), Tables, Freehand writing, Shapes, Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, Page Break, Foot Note, End Note, Header, Footer, Page Numbers, Symbols and Envelopes.

2. Format menu which facilitates to modify Font, Paragraph styles, Table Formats, Page Setup, Formatting symbols, Insertion of bullets, numbers,increase/decrease in indents, multi leveling of lists and line spacing.

3. Layout Menu which facilitates to adjust margins, orientation, size of page, number of columns, page setup, break sections, pages, coloring page, insert watermarks andfew more options available in Insert Menu.

4. Review Menu which facilitates to spell check, word count, language setting, tack changes and its components, Final view and comments with its components

5. Views Menu which facilitates web view, to reach bottom and top of documents, zooming pages and Full Screen.

In presentations, all relevant options of word documents are included, in addition to options in word documents, slide transitions and insertion, reordering, duplicating, deletion of slides are included.

In spreadsheets, in addition to all the relevant options detailed in word document, additional options or inserting rows and columns, charts (2D & 3D chart options) under Insert Menu and Number Formatting, Cell Alignment, Cell Font, Cell Boarders, Hide and Unhiderows and columns, Autofit for columns in Format Menu and Grid line hiding in View Menu and options to comment, protecting cells, work sheets under Review menu are also provided. You can also insert additional worksheets in the similar way that we do in the MS Excel. Coming to the important section of spreadsheets Formulae, several formulaeunder nine categories (almost of all formulae exist in Excel), Defining names(available inMS Excel 2013 and above) to use the series of data in various formulae, revalidation facility are provided.

In all addition to the above, under My Documents section, you can create additional folders, scan documents using Quick PDF Scanner APP and create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations.

Coming to the User Interface, Office Suite + PDF Editor provides list view and grid view to view files. Few options in word documents,spreadsheets and presentations are available only in premium versions. In Addition to these, you can convert to/from PDF files, Print Files, facility to signPDF digitally are provided in premium version. Cost of the premium version is Rs. 184/- per month or Rs. 1230/- per annum.

Overall,Office Suite + PDF Editor free version is a must app if you areworking on your mobile or tablet.Office Suite + PDF Editor equally functional toMS Office, Open Office and definitely deserve for Google Editor Choice. We can try the free version, based on the necessity,premium version may be purchased. However, period based cost for premium version is not so comfortable.”

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