NPR One for Android

NPR is divided into three divisions

1. History – Display the history of the listened stories

2. Now Playing – Display the presently listening story along with duration of the story

3. Upcoming – Suggested stories for us based on our interest and history

By default, NPR broadcast stories from United States. We can change the station from the Menu, However, to change the station, login is mandatory. We can create an account with NPR or do social login using Google or Facebook.

Radio stations in several states are available and we can just tune to our desired station. Further, in the menu, facility of sleep timer is provided to set switch off NPR after certain duration ranging from 10 to 90 minutes, end of the story or immediate switch off.

In the divisions of History and Now Playing, we can just tap on the bulb light to bottom of the stories to indicate them as interesting. This data will be evaluated along with our listening history and suggest new stories for us under Upcoming division.

At the bottom of the APP screen, three menus to o back of 15 seconds, pause the listening story and forward the story are provided. Further using the progress tab of the audio, we can move to any second of the story to listen. The stories can be shared with friends using communication APPs like Messaging, Bluetooth, Email etc. The stories o any type can be searched using the search bar available at the right side top.

Coming to commercials, there absolutely no commercial and APP is completely add free. The organization works on donation from the listeners.

Overall, in our opinion, NPR One is a customized radio station to listen stories of whatever you like contrary to other station which broadcast content on their own will. We are free to listen our interesting stories at any point of time irrespective of their broadcasting stories. The APP is limited to united states presently and Americans may try this APP.

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