Nimple – Networking Simple

Is business cards available are not enough or wish to share your contacts via phone. Try Nimple – Networking Simple.

Nimple – Networking Simple is designed to share business cards over phone or social networks.

Nimple is available in free and pro versions. Upgrade free version to pro version for Rs. 38/- and avail additional facilities to create multiple business cards, share cards via or other Communication APPs.

Nimple is designed in three sections:

  1. Card

  2. Code

  3. Contacts

Card: Create or Edit Business card. Access edit page and edit the business card details, enable or disable Phone number, Mobile number, Email address, Company/University/School, Job/Position, website, Street, Postal Code (PIN code), City, Connections with Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin.

Code: Share the Barcode to access the Business card.

Contacts: Access the contacts received or obtained from Nipple. From the “+” option, save the received  cards to contacts.

From the two options available at top, upgrade the Nimple to Pro version, access the Barcode Reader to receive contacts.

Overall, in our opinion, Nimple – Networking Simple is an APP of future where business cards are shared electronically. Since NFC (Near Field Communication) is made available in almost all the mobiles, using NFC to share contacts will provide much prospects to this APP.

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