NewsBytes – Daily News Digest! – Suggested for GK in Competetive Exams

NewsBytes is designed to provide latest news in bullet points along with its history. NewsBytes is started by IIT, IIM, Ivy League alumni with an aim to reduce overload of information in everyday news in January 2015.

Every story / news is presented in bullet points with relevant image, date, category and option to view the history of the news.

In History, the historical news relating to present story / news are tagged along with date of historical news. This will help readers to understand the whole story / news. In addition, the details of the sources, information on relevant terms are provided under “Sources”, “Fact” respectively.

At the bottom of the APP Page, three options are provided to

  1. Add or remove news to bookmarks

  2. Access categories of news. At present, news is presented in 10 categories namely Politics, World, India, Economy, Business, Sports, Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Start-ups, Just Like That. In addition, Latest news, Bookmarks can also be accessed.

  3. Share news / article on social networking websites like.Facebook, Twitter or communication apps like WhatsApp, Messaging etc.

On the News Page, from the Option menu available at top right, enable or disable notifications, night mode, read about the team, like on Facebook, rate, share the APP.

The NewsBytes aims is personalized and hyper-local (location of reader) news. Presently, raised funds from GDF Accelerator, Mr.Praveen and working under mentorship of Mr. yogesh Andlay (Founder of Nucleus Software) and Dr. Srikanth Sundarrajan (Helion Ventures). This one year old APP is appears to be competitor for In Shorts.

Overall, in our opinion, best of this APP is that it tag all historical news and facilitate the reader to understand the news better. However, at present, news items or stories are less. In the present structure, this APP is best suited for competitive exam preparation rather than general news readers.

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