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News Distil is a compilation of news from newspapers, TV Channels. At present, News is available in English, Telugu and Hindi.

News Distil is designed in five sections:

  1. Home

  2. Genre

  3. Preferences

  4. Trending

  5. Channels

Home: On Homepage, access trending news and latest news. Each news article encapsulates relevant image, Title of the article and source. With tap on any article, access the article page. In article page, crux of the news article is displayed. Three options i.e., to read the article / view video on source website, Follow the category  and Follow the news are available below the article. Below the options, recommended articles for further reading are also available. From the options available at top of the article page, close the article page or share the article on Social Websites or Communication APPs.

With right swipe access next article and with left swipe, access previous article.

Genre: Access categories of news like Top News, Politics, Entertainment, Business, Tech, Sports, National, International, Movie Reviews, Lifestyle, Health, Education, Food and Other News. With tap on any category, access articles and videos on that category.

Preferences: Access the articles or videos on preferred topics, people or from preferred channels. From “+” available at right bottom, add favorite topics, channels and news to filter the news. On each personalized news feed, three options to edit, delete or to notify on the new news available on personalized topics, people or from channels are available.

Trending: Access trending (most interesting) news articles in this section. With tap on any article title, view all the news in relation to the title. From filter available at top right of the page, filter the news articles based on Type (All News, Videos Only, Articles Only) or on Date (Any Time, Past Hour, Past Day, Past Week).

Channels: Filter news based on the Source of the News like Sakshi, Andhra Prabha, Nava Telangana, Namaste Telangana, Praja Sakthi, TV9, TV5, APHerald, HMTV, NTV etc. With tap on any channel, access the news / videos on that channel page. In the Channel Page, from the options available at top right, opt to follow the channel or filter the news / videos based on State, Type or on Date.

On the top of the section pages, following four options are available:

  1. Filter – Filter News / Videos based on State, Channel, Type or on Date.

  2. Notifications – View notifications on recent updates

  3. Search – Search or news, people etc.

  4. Settings – Set Homepage for default / Light Homepage, Change the Language, State. Enable or disable push notifications, HD Quality images, Share the APP using communication APPs, Provide feedback to the developer.

Overall, in our opinion, News Distil is useful to access the news from various channels. However, at present, the News Distil covers news mostly from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana News Papers / TV Channels. Hence, News Distil will be more useful for people in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. If you like the updates on Telugu News, you may try this APP.

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