MyScript Calculator for Android

Myscript calculator is designed as scientific calculator and to recognize input from handwriting.

At present, Myscript supports following operations:

  1. + – Addition

  2. – – Subtraction

  3. * – Multiplication

  4. ÷ – Division. We can also use / or _ for division.

  5. % – percentage

  6. √ – square root

  7. ! – Factorial

  8. | | – Modulus

  9. Exponential functions for e (base of natural logarithm), square of any number like xy

  10. Brackets for calculation to follow BODMAS (Brackets, Orders – Powers and Roots, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction).

  11. Trigonometry functions like sin, cos, tan

  12. Inverse Trigonometry functions like acos, asin, atan

  13. Logarithms – ln, log

  14. Constants – Π, e, Phi

In Homepage i.e. calculator page, we can write the numbers or equations or mathematical functions like sin, tan, log etc. for calculations. For easy identification of handwriting for powers and numbers, a dotted line is provided on Homepage to write the equations. On tapping on the “Calculate” (when no automatic calculation is disabled from settings), the equation is calculated and provide result. Using the dotted line as guide to write may provide accurate results. We may also write equations in numbers or functions for calculation. The equations can be modified or new digits may be added and yield the new result. To modify the existing number, we can strike the number horizontally and write the new number. The calculator also indicate the missing letters in equation, if any with “?”. We can fill the missing letters and yield result of the equation. With the options available at right top of the calculator page, we can redo, undo or delete contents on page.

From the options available at top right of the App page, we can share app link using communication apps like WhatsApp, Messaging, Email etc., view news, tutorial, access settings, view App details. Under News, we can view on the Ability for handwriting recognition. Under settings, we can enable or disable automatic calculation, set decimal shown in result (1 to 6 digits), truncation or approximation of result, display RAD (radian), Degree for mathematical functions, enable or disable palm rejection, indicate left handed writing for accurate handwriting recognition.

Coming to the handwriting recognition, Myscript Calculator is good. The news and tutorials will help us to improve the style of writing for accurate results.

Overall, in our opinion, Myscript Calculator is designed to make calculator as natural as available on piece of paper and calculate using handwriting recognition. The equations can be viewed on one page and can be modified if desired. If you are science student or use scientific calculator as a part of your daily activities, we recommend this App to try.

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