My Tracks by Google for Android

My Tracks is designed by Google Inc to record path, speed, distance and elevation of all outdoor activities using GPS and share on social network websites or save on cloud network, device. This App require Google Maps, Google Earth for full functionality.

My tracks support Android wear too.

Homepage display list of activities with details of mode of transport like walking, boating, car drive etc., date and time, duration, distance covered, title of the activities. At bottom, options to start and stop activity are available.

On tapping “Record” Button (circle), we can start recording an activity and proceed to Recording page of the activity. Recording page has three sections

  1. Maps – display the travelling path. Type of the map to display like Map, Earth, satellite, satellite with streets, Terrain can be selected from the option “Map”.

  2. Chart – Display speed and elevation in line graph along with Markers (Direction indicator or Image)

  3. Stats – Display statistics on Distance covered, calories spent (only in case of running, walking, cycling), Total time, Moving time, Speed details like Present speed, Max speed, Average Speed, Average Moving speed. In the calories option, we can select the type of activity (out of 8 available activities).

With options at top right, we can insert markers indicating place or Image. These markers can be viewed on Map and Chart. In Map, on tapping on marker, we can view date and time of marker creation and using Google Maps, direction indicator can be inserted. In Chart, on tapping marker, we are directed to the marker page. With options available at top right, we can go back to the Map page, edit Marker name, type and description or delete the marker. From the Menu options available at top right next to Image marker, we can access Markers page and create a new marker or search for marker. We can also edit name, type and description of the activity from “Edit” option, Delete activity track from all Google Apps (My Tracks, Google Fitness, Google Drive) from “Delete” option, set /split voice frequency based on time (1 to 60 minutes) or distance (1 to 100 kms), access App settings, seek help or provide feedback.

At Homepage, On tapping any activity, we are navigated to Activity page. With options available on top right on Activity page, we can change map view, share on Google drive and invite people to view or share it for public.

With other options at top right, we can search for activities, identify the present location, Menu options for the App.

From the Menu options of Homepage, we can play multiple activities (require Google Earth App), sync to Google Drive, view Aggregated statistics, Export or Import or Delete all activities. From settings page, we can sync to Google Fit, Google Drive.

Settings: Additional options avaialble are
Map: we can set to track the path in single color or Fixed thresholds or Dynamic thresholds. In fixed threshold, we can set top low and medium speeds. In dynamic threshold, we can set % of average speed as medium speed. Accordingly, My Tracks indicates various colors on path to indicate the speeds at various paths of track.

Chart: we can set distance / time on x-axis (horizontal axis) and enable or disable to show Elevation, Speed, Heart rate, cadence and power.

Stats: we can set preferred units for distance (Metric – km, m; Imperial – Miles, Feet), Speed (km/hr, min/km).we can also enable or disable to show Grade/Elevation, Latitude/Longitude.

Recording: we can set defaults in relation to voice/split frequency based on time or distance, track name, activity type, recording time, distance interval, maximum segment distance (paths in track),  GPS accuracy, time for auto resume.

Sensors: we can set type of connection between devices like Polar Bluetooth, Zephyr Bluetooth, ANT+ for heart rate, foot pod, bike cadence etc.

Advanced: scaling of photo (maximize pixel and size) for export, Reset all set values to default values.

The review of Google My Tracks reminded us the review of Google Fit in which we observed errors in calculations of distance, number  of calories etc. as Google is using time instead of GPS and other sensors of the device. However, Google My Tracks use GPS to calculate the distance travelled, speed, calories spent etc. My Tracks contain top-notch features and user interface is simple and easy to use.

If you want to track and save your outdoor activities, we recommend to try this App.

Update: As on February 14, 2016, My Tracks APP is removed from Google Play.

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