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On opening of the MX Player homepage, it starts with notification on hardware acceleration informing about the availability of HW+ Decoder. HW+ is an hardware acceleration using the graphics chip available on the device. By default, video player uses HW+ decoder provided in the ROM. However, MX Player provides customized HW+ decoder to accelerate and ensure smooth play of videos.

The menu available at top right is categorized into Network stream, Files view, Select, Settings and Help.

In network stream, we can play videos from the websites if the files are available in video file format. We can also use this facility, to play videos from your PC or other device using WiFi network.

In file view, by default, MX Player set for “all files” view. However, we can change folder view settings to “folder view” or “files view”. We can sort the videos based on title, duration, size, time, date, frame rate, resolution, location, type. Further, sort based on multiple parameters is also provided. We can also set to display length of the video on thumbnail in field sub-menu.

In Select, we can select multiple videos for deletion, to mark them as last played, or new or finished. However, at one go, we can rename only one video.

In Settings, MX player provided six divisions namely List, Player, Decoder, Audio, Subtitle and General. Under List, we can set settings of theme, scrolling down to last media, selection of thumbnail, marking as new based on copied date, setting of folders, file extension, settings for nonrecognition of .media, hidden files and folders. Under Player, we can select theme, style, settings for screen rotation, settings for input controls, navigation, resume on playback and other play settings. Under decoder, we can set to use HW + decoder, SW decoder from device or network. Alternatively, we can set to use SW audio instead of SW decoder For, SW decoder we can set CPU core limit. Under Audio, we can set settings for volume boost, synchronization with system volume, preferred language for audio track. Under Subtitles, we can set settings on subtitle folders, formats, preferred language, text appearance, sync HW decoder. Under General, we can set settings to define default language (used for menu items), hardware acceleration, import or export settings, clearing history.

In Help, details of features, what’s new, updates and frequently asked questions to learn more about MX Player are provided.

While playing the video, we can adjust screen layout as portrait or landscape We can lock the screen to avoid functions on touch and the video. To unlock, we have to draw a rectangle touching the corners of the screen starting from lock button. Video can be adjusted to play on full screen or in normal screen. We can set settings for use of HW decoder, SW decoder. From the music menu available next to HW, we can select audio track if playing video has more than one audio track Next to the music, menu with five options namely Play, Display, Subtitle, Tools and Help are provided.

Under Play, we can set background play, videos to loop, shuffling videos to play (similar to playing music tracks) A to B repeat, Network stream. Under Display, we can set screen rotation, video zoom, aspect ratio and other settings in relation to style, screen, controls, navigation, text, layout. Under Subtitle, we can open subtitle file from device or get them online using internet. We can synchronize, set the speed, enable view panel, change the settings for text font, size, scale, color, border, shadow and fade out. Under Tools, we can share, delete, rename, lock videos. We can set sleep timer and view video properties and access settings section. The navigation buttons on the video facilitates to play, forward, rewind and pause the video.

Overall, in our opinion, MX Player provide advanced features for video playback and several options for customization. The HW Plus decoder facilities to use graphics chip of the device and ensure smooth play of HD videos. MX Player is definitely worth to try.

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