Memrise Learn Languages Free for Android

Memrise is developed as learning APP based on 3Rs i.e., Read, Remember and Review. (it is understood from our Review).

As a part of our Review, we undertook, two complete courses. Memrise allows facility to learn various languages and various topics under nine categories. Memrise claims that over 3,00,000 courses were available for learning. Memrise features to set daily goal to learn new topics/words,win points and compete with your friends.

Every course starts with basic words. As detailed above, it will make you to know new things (Read) and test you for several times in different ways to make you Remember and Revise. While testing, wherever wrong answer is predicted, it goes back to that particular word/new thing and make you revise again. Coming to the test part, it contain two type of tests, one multiple choice and other fill in blanks. To help you in fill in blanks tests, one magic wand which will assist in identifying the answer. It is boring in initial stages to take these tests and became fun at later stages especially Speed Review test.

From settings section, you can set the new items to learn per session from 3 to 10 and items per review from 5 to 50 as per convenience. If you want to learn more difficult words, you have to upgrade to pro version by payment of Rs. 220/- per month or Rs 780/- per year. The pro version provided you unlimited access to all learning courses, personalize your course, learning with videos and real people and in-depth statistics of your learning.

Overall, this APP is not for everyone and the basic concepts used in APP are good. If you are interested in learning new languages/new topics, you can give a try.

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