Language Learning – busuu for Android

Language Learning – busuu is developed to learn 11 languages (language list is mentioned in info) from one language of 11 languages to other language.

In free version, we can learn only one language. In our review, we tried to learn Chinese language and accordingly reviewed. If we wish to learn more than one language, premium version is required.

Language Learning – busuu is developed the course structure in to five sections –

1. Beginner – We will learn about objects, feelings, daily routines. This section basically teach us about words.

2. Elementary – In this section, we will learn about conversations with people

3. Intermediate – In this section, we will learn about expression of our feelings, formal conversation at job interviews, feelings and interviews

4. Upper Intermediate – This is the final topic for learning language.We will learn about societal topics like politics, nature, planet, luxury items, life choices etc.

5. Travel course – This section separately developed for travellers from the point of view of travellers and keeping their requirements in mind.

Each section is divided into several lessons where we will learn language through audio. The script is providedin learning language script andour language script along withrelevant picture. Language Learning – busuu provides a facility to see the script of specific words in our mother language too. We can do that by taping the translate button available at right hand top side.

Language Learning – busuu, after learning three to four words or conversations, will test us through multiple choice questions, drag and drop choice questions. We can proceed for next lessons only after providing correct answers for specific number of questions from the listed questions. We can skip this by just selecting the next lesson from index. But this is not possible in Traveller section, we have to proceed from lesson to lesson only.

To directly access lessons from index in the Traveller section, premium version is required. Premium version will cost Rs. 625/- for month or Rs. 3075/- for half year and Rs. 3975/- for year. Beware, the premium version is with automatic renewal where it will charge to our bank without any intimation unless we specifically cancel the subscription. Language Learning – busuu facilitates to do exercises where others who are using the APP can help usand wecan also help others who aredoing their exercises or learning language.

Overall, in our opinion, as the language can be learned and remembered with only constant conversation, this APP may not be useful to learn language individually. However, the travellers section will be very useful while traveling to the particular language speaking country. If you are going to country in which any one of the 11 languages spoken, definitely, we recommend to try this APP to get a glimpse of their language which can be used on requirement.

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