KineMaster – Pro Video Editor for Android

Kinemaster Video Creator is an App designed to create videos on our device using images, videos and audios. Video Creator comes with 30 days free version. In free version, videos can be exported with watermark of Kinemaster only. If desired, It can be upgraded to 30 days (Rs. 333) or monthly (Rs. 290) or yearly (Rs. 2300) subscriptions. We may also try free versions before subscribing to these versions.

The layout of the App is landscape. On the Homepage of the App, following four options are provided:

1. Creation of new video

2. Settings

3. Help

4. Support

In addition to these, we can view and access our six latest videos. On selection of any video, we can access three options – Play, Share and Delete. With play option, we can play the video in Kinemaster default player. With Share option, we can save the video to Gallery or share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox etc. With delete, we can delete the video from Kinemaster. By tapping on the video, we can proceed to the editor.

On tapping on “+” icon, two popups to continue with creation of the new video or skip the creation will be displayed. Once it is confirmed for creation of a new video, we can name the video and proceed to the editor. If we do not want to create the new video, we can skip the creation of new video and proceed to the editor.

In Settings, under Information section, we can upgrade our version from free to monthly or yearly version, view the version number of Kinemaster and check for latest version on Google play. Under information section, we can change settings for photo default duration ranging from 0.75 seconds to 15 seconds, default crop size (fit to screen, fill in screen, Random crop, Face recognition crop), default layer (image, text, sticker, handwriting) duration ranging from 0.25 seconds to 15 seconds. Under Recording, we can set audio recording source as either Voice or Camcorder. Under sorting, we can set sorting option for videos as Date(created), Date(Edited) or by Name.

In Help, guide including video tutorials in six categories are available to help us in using the various functions of the App.

In Support, we can access Kinemaster website or seek email support from Kinemaster.


The editor of the Kinemaster is divided into four sections:

  1. Video player / simulator

  2. Main menu ( right hand top)

  3. Timeline with frames and layers (bottom)

  4. Supplementary menu (Vertical menu on left hand side)

In Video player/ Simulator, we can preview Video with all effects and layers.

In the Timeline, frames of video with the layers are available. While playing the videos, the timeline shows the frames or layers or audio which are being played, We can select any specific Image or Video or Audio or Layers and set the theme, modify animation, transition effect (introduction effect), effect Rotate/Mirroring, Trim/Split, Clip Effect, Cropping, Color Tint, Color Adjustment.In addtion, in case of Video, additional options to set volume, speed control, Volume Envelope and in case of Layers, In Animation, Out animation options are avaialble.

In the Main menu, seven functions namely “Media Browser”, “Audio”, “Voice”, “Layer”, “Record”, “Back” and “Play” are available. With Media Browser, we can insert Background Color, Video or Image from the device folders, favorites, cloud storage like Google drive. With Audio, we can insert Theme music, Recorded music, Songs based on Albums, Artists, Genres, Folders. With “Voice”, we can record voice and insert into the video. With Layer, we can insert Image (as a layer not as main Image as inserted from Media Browser), Sticker, Text, Handwriting. On insertion of the layers, we can rotate their appearance or resize based on convenience or drag it to the desired place on the player. Under Stickers,   stickers are available. On the selection of the desired stickers, we can apply options available for Layers like “In Animation” (13 options like Scale Down, Converge, Spin CCW etc.), “Out Animation” (11 options), Change “Color” from Grid or Color wheel, “Trim or Split” (at left play head i.e. starting of the sticker, at right play head ie., at the end of the video, split at playhead i.e., where current frame is running), “Rotate/Mirroring” (Left to Right, Top to Bottom in Mirroring, Clockwise or Anticlockwise in Rotate). Under Image insertion, in addition to adjustment of Rotation, Size, In Animation, Out Animation, Trim/Split, Rotate/Mirroring, we can adjust color Brightness, Contrast, Saturation in “Color Adjustment” and/or Tint colour from 18 tint options in “Color Tint”. On Insertion of Text, additional options to change Text font, Text Alignment, Text color, Shadow, Glow, Outline, Background Color (additional option of full width or limited to text) are also available. Under Handwriting, we can insert shapes like Square, Rectangle (by drag and drop of square) and erase part of the shapes for effect. we can set the size of the eraser with the “.” option. With Back we can go back to Homepage.With Play, we can play the video with the effects.

In supplementary menu, we can redo or undo our actions, change theme for Video, Save or Share Video, set Audio Fade-In (sequential increase in volume) or Audio-Out settings (sequential decrease in volume) in seconds, Hide/Show top screen (Player and Main menu), Toggle to reach start or end of the video.

Overall, in our opinion, KineMaster is an advanced video creator and editor with all necessary options to create an amazing videos. However, in free version, created video contains KineMaster logo. The recurring subscription for monthly or quarterly is a downward factor. If we are satisfied with few less options,there are other free applications on Google Play to try out. VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker is one of them. There are several other option too. KineMaster definitely providing additional options with easy user interface and we decide based on our requirement.

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