Journey – Diary, Journal for Android

Journey – Dairy, Journal is developed to replace existing dairy for the people who had a habit of writing on their life events and encourage new ones to collect and store their wonderful moments with their loved ones.

Journey – Dairy, Journal facilitates to add a new journal to the dairy by touching the “+” sign available at right hand side bottom. By default, date and time are specified. However, we can modify the date and time if required. In addition to our memories (text) each journal has facility to include five options

1. Location – Location will be selected automatically if Location indicator is on. We also have an option to pick place (useful, if entries are being made later to the event) or Search place or to remove Geo tag (location tag)

2. Weather and Temperature – It is auto detected from the internet using location map. If it is not relevant, whether tag can be removed.

3. Media – To make awesome pictures as apart of life, we can add photos/videos from camera or gallery or stickers to the journal. Journey – Dairy, Journal also facilitate to combine multiple videos into one and create a short video film using Weve (Video Editor + Camera) APP.

4. Activity – Type of our motion i.e., Biking, Eating, Walking, Running, Automotive, Flying or Stationary may also be added to Journal. If it is not necessary or not applicable, option of None can be opted.

5. Tags – Tag is the name of the journal. They are useful to access them from APP or if journal need to be posted on WordPress (type of CMS) website,Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter.

In addition to the above five options, Journey – Dairy, Journal facilitates tabs for undo action, redo action, next or previous character navigation, word count and characters count is provided. We can search for the journals from the search bar available at the top of the home page.

With the premium version, Markdown support to publish on blog or print PDF, Export/Backup Journal facility, Night mode will be available and PDF watermark will be removed while exporting or printing the journal. From the menu, Journey – Dairy, Journal facilitates to access list of journals, calendar indicating the dates on which journals were recorded, Photos & Videos attached to journals, Map indicating the places tagged with journal (Atlas) and Quotes in inspiration section.

Journey – Dairy, Journal also facilitates to access journals using journal tags. From the settings section, font family, size, line spacing, measured units for temperature, pass codes and syncing data can be modified as per needs.

Journey – Dairy, Journal facilitate to keep reminders on daily or on a specific day of the week (Sun to Sat) and at specified time. From settings, journal entries can be migrated from one Google account to another and old journals can also be imported. For help, material on 28 topics in relation to Journey – Dairy, Journal usage is made available. Further, we can also our feedback through feedback form. The premium version cost you Rs. 300/-. In our opinion, Journey – Dairy, Journal will collect and store our valuable memories for our life. The usage of Journey – Dairy, Journal and memories stored using this APP will leave undeniable impression on users.

We definitely recommend to try it and based on the need and low cost, we may decide on premium version.

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