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June  21  is international yoga day. On this occasion, Daily Yoga – an Android App help us to provide fair understanding on yoga, workouts and breathing lessons.

Daily Yoga require login / signup using email. Daily yoga designed into four sections:

  • Sessions provide featured or all workouts designed for specific purpose. Workout are designed as General, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to select workouts based on our exposure to yoga. Sessions can be filtered based on duration from 10 Minutes to 50 minutes and focus like Health and Therapy, Yoga Skills, Body Part, Weight loss, Meditation. With tap on any session, access session page and view info, details on instructor and audio guide on workout. If desired, download extended plugin from Google Play for the session, like, bookmark, share the session on facebook or twitter.


  • Programs are the combination of several workouts designed for one or few weeks. With tap on any program, access Program page and view the number of number of workouts, timeline. From “Info” view more about program, from “calendar” track schedule and set preferred workout out time for notification, from “Options(:)”, share about program on facebook or twitter and if program is not up to expectations leave the program.
  • Community – Get more info on yoga from various “Hot (popular)” or “All”. If desired, opt to like or comment or share your experience from “write” option at bottom right. In Friends, add your friends or follow recommended person on Daily yoga using “Friend” option at top right to read their experiences or articles on yoga.
  • Profile  is the personal page to update / edit profile, view your notifications, sessions, programs, topics, weekly or monthly or all leaderboards and to invite friends. In “Settings”, under “Accounts”, change password, under “Notifications”, enable or disable notifications, Manage subscriptions, change language, connect to “Google Fit” to record active time and burned calories, Rate the App and Log Out.


In Daily Yoga, few sessions and programs are for free and others are available in Pro version. Pro version is available at Rs. 530/- per month or Rs. 1865/- per annum.

Overall, in our opinion, Daily Yoga provide useful sessions targeted to specific health issues like stress, overweight etc. We recommend to try App and decide to continue or not.

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