Inshorts – News in 60 words for Android

Inshorts  is an APP designed to provide brief / main content of news from various newspapers, websites in 60 words or less.

At present, Inshorts providing news in English and Hindi.The tutorial at the time of installing will get us acquainted to use the APP.

Each story / news or presented will have a News Image, Short Title, Short Content, Short creator and time, Link to main story / news, Option to share using communication APPs like WhatsApp, Email, Message etc.. We can save short in bookmark by tapping it on its title.

Entire shorts are categorised into Top Stories, Trending. We can select to view “All News”, “Bookmarks”, “Unread”. With “More” option, we can access sections like India, Business, Politics, Sports, Technology, Startups, Entertainment, Hatke, World, Miscellaneous.

With the Options menu available at right hand top, we can enable or disable Notifications, HD images, Night Mode. Opting out of HD Images, Enabling Night mode will save battery of the device. We can also shift languages between Hindi and English, Share APP using Communication APPs, Rate this APP, Provide Feedback to developer through Email.

We are using this APP approximately for about 6 months. The updation of the content is slow till starting of this year. With additional funds raised from Tiger Global (Investing Company), Inshorts expanded its operations and frequency of updates is increased tremendously. At present, it is providing adfree service.

Overall, in our opinion, Inshorts provides news from various Media Reports in less than 60 words. This provides convenience for us to get the crux of the news. If desired, we can access the full news article with the link provided in the built in browser. For newsreaders, Inshorts is very useful APP.

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