The Hunt – Style & Shopping for Android

The Hunt – Style & Shopping is an online community to seek help and help others for shopping needs. Login is mandatory to use this APP. We can signup with Email or do social login using Google or Facebook. The brief three picture slide show will give an idea on what app is for.

On login, number of tags will be displayed to select the desired tags to follow to suit our shopping needs. In the home screen, two divisions namely Following, All. Under Following, the posts in relation to your selected tags will be displayed. In All, posts related to all Tags will be sorted based on popularity (trending) will be displayed. However, we can change the basis of sorting to new posts. Further the posts can be filtered in two categories namely “Help find it”, “Polls” and reset option is also available at the top of the filters.

From the top of the APP, at any time, we can customize our following feed with tags or search for item/tags.

Under menu in “Hunt basics” the various facilities of the APP are easily explained which are very useful for the users. Under profile, we can track our started posts, found posts, favourite posts and saved posts. Under settings we can manage account settings, location based display settings, push notifications and email notifications.

By tapping on “+” we can create a post seeking help to find it (Hunt) or create a poll. While creating a Hunt we can upload an image preference like exactly similar with style etc., budget, short title. The poll can be created seeking answers for two questions. 1. Should I wear this?    2. Which should I wear? along with three options. We can upload  the required images to the specific poll. We can optionally provide tags and more details or either Hunts or polls.

By tapping on a specific post, we can save it as a favourite or share it through communication APPs or report flag as inappropriate. By tapping the +button appearing on the specific post we can provide an URL to shop that article specified in the post. Thus, we can help others in finding their desired products. For every post the number of saves as favourite and number of finds are provided. This will unable us to understand on how many people are following the post and in how many places the post of products are available. For any posted product the list of finds are placed below the post in the specific post. The finds include the price of the product and the URL where product is available. The finds can be saved or direct to the shopping website with the URL attached to the word “SHOP”. Each file can be liked/ upvoted. The number upvotes will reflects on the specific find of the post.

Overall, in our opinion this APP is useful to understand current trends of the fashion, finding the desired products at best price and place with the help of others and help others to find their desired products at best price and place. If you are a shopaholic or latest trend seeker give a try to this APP. However we observed that, this APP is not more useful for most of the people.

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